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  1. BoxAndOne

    Gaming Channel Who is up for a collab ?

    What kind of game?
  2. BoxAndOne

    YouTube Question How to use licenced music in your video

    How does one get a licence to use the music in your video? I see with some video's that they have in black letters "licence given to youtube by...." Is this legal use of copyright material? How does this work? I want to understand how this works :D
  3. BoxAndOne

    Need Advice Motivation

    depends on your community you build.
  4. BoxAndOne

    Need Advice Motivation

    The most important thing is to have a scheme. Always upload on monday for example or always post the 3rd day of the month,.... People will notice when you upload and once you build a community they will look for it. I always uplouad every day 1 video on the same hour. If I want to upload more...
  5. BoxAndOne

    Channel Milestone 300 Subs +2 products to review for free. ;)

    Congratulations! Keep uploading quality content and achieve succes!
  6. BoxAndOne

    Let's count to 10,000 :D