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  1. Blessing

    YouTube Help YouTube Channel Stops growing

    Good afternoon, I employed a YouTube manager 3 months ago because I wanted to focus on my news website, which was giving me more money. I noticed a strange growth in the number of new videos she edited and worked on, which was not in line with my normal channel growth. Unknown to me, she used...
  2. Blessing

    Beyoncé's 'Church Girl' Bishop Patrick Wooten say it's Demonic and Trash

    The story on viral trends today is Bishop Patrick Wooten calling for the public denunciation of Beyonce's "Church Girl" song. In his words, she "sold her soul to the devil." The full story and why he said this will be covered in our talk today. The big question should be, what is wrong with...
  3. Blessing

    Brooklyn Flashy Pastor Robbed during Livestream

    I made this video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDzCdYw5NDM&t=597s Thanks
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    Should spouse have separate or joint account?- This happened to her when they separated.

    Watch and drop a comment. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ2J-RHtyLo
  5. Blessing

    Should spouse have or Joint bank account for spouse?- She learnt her lesson

    Wish and drop your comment View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ2J-RHtyLo
  6. Blessing

    Life You are always producing memories, and producing legacy and lessons for the future

    I think this is a book in the making though. There are so many things to unpick from this simple yet powerful writing. The writer in you calls I would say.
  7. Blessing

    YouTube Question Using a backing track to a specific song

    I guess from my experience, anytime I use any music, my revenue is always taken by the music label producer. If you are not monetized or don't care about working for others, then the most that will happen is content claim, which would mean your revenue taken. It will give you a strike if that is...
  8. Blessing

    Other how is everyone day going?

    It's a holiday in England today, but lousy weather!! I guess I am just here thinking about a topic to vlog about and catching up. Back to work tomorrow, oh dear! When will my YouTube hustle pay so I can stop the day job?
  9. Blessing

    Entertainment Channel Its yourboi ab

    Welcome and hope all your questions are answered on the platform.
  10. Blessing

    Answered How I can earn more points here?

    I think genuinely caring about issues that are being discussed and sharing your opinion and experience. As you post and help other YouTubers navigate the waters of being a content producer, there is an opportunity for you to be rewarded through badges and TB upgrades. I have actually found out...
  11. Blessing

    Need Advice Setting a video to premiere

    I do live shows for most of them and will set them to premier like a day or hours before my show for these reasons: 1. It sends notifications to my subscribers who have their bells turned on. 2. It helps me have a link to advertise my live show on other platforms so people will join me. 3. It...
  12. Blessing

    Toby Obumseli death- The white women pleads mental health then head to the pub.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j52Bgc1TdEw&t=15s
  13. Blessing

    YouTube Help How do you go about YouTube copyright claims and blocks

    The first question is, why are you using other people's content? A copy right claim means that someone has made a content claim on part or all of what you have uploaded. YouTube must have sent you to their copyright school. You need to take the course and watch videos about copyright...
  14. Blessing

    Lifestyle Channel Dating, Relationships, Manhood, Society & Culture, Whatever!

    Hi, I don't know if you are still collaborating with people. I would like to work with you. Please check out my channel and contact me if you like my content.
  15. Blessing

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    I started my Facebook page- Facebook group, and YouTube channel at the same time. I have 23,000 page follows, 9.7 group members, and an 8,000 YouTube channel. There is nothing stopping you from promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook as long as all the accounts are officially linked. I do...
  16. Blessing

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    Yes you can. Just copy the link of the video and then share on the comment section. The video will come out.
  17. Blessing

    YouTube Opinion Quality issues slowing me down.

    While working on my mobile phone, I got to 5000 subscribers. On this forum, I got the best advice about what equipment to buy, like light, streaming, and editing apps. Then, when COVID happened, I took a break. This affected my views, which till date I am still struggling to get back the...
  18. Blessing

    YouTube Question How Can A Video Lose Views?

    Most of the time, it takes 24 hours for views to stay, especially when the YouTube system is always monitoring this to see if views are gotten from manipulated sources like bots, watch for watch or auto play by the same IPS address. There is so much to learn about the YouTube algorithm and...
  19. Blessing

    Entertainment Channel jana Ojana

    Tubebuddy will help you grow your channel as you will have buddies on YouTube who are willing to share their experience, review your channel and answer all those questions you had no one to answer. Also the tools are amazing, so first familiarize yourself with all the tools it has to offer...
  20. Blessing

    Entertainment Channel jana Ojana

    Welcome to the forum