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  1. Ikerot

    YouTube Tips Audience and Niche

    If your focus is growing your channel, then you should consider focusing on a single niche. If your focus is to have fun on YouTube and not so much on growth, then it's fine if you have multiple niche (just know that you won't grow as fast).
  2. Ikerot

    YouTube Help Why Bots cause your View and Subs to change

    This is a great article (forum post? lol)! Definitely agree on turning off the option to let people post URLs in your comment section.
  3. Ikerot

    Editing Software looking for better editing software that's not expensive

    There's also Shotcut as well if that hasn't been mentioned yet.
  4. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Grade a CSV list of Keywords bulk

    If you guys like the idea of this feature, remember to give it a thumbs up!
  5. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Date for "Top 10 languages spoken by your channel's audience"

    This is nice, I would also like it if it had like a "last 30 days" sort of thing :thinking:
  6. Ikerot

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    @Sageofwargaming Please check the first page of this thread to know the screenshots you need to send :) https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/11/
  7. Ikerot

    Need Advice Uploading frequency

    Wow, this is interesting. It's a piece I never knew about. Gotta apply that whenever I get back into YT hah! xD
  8. Ikerot

    YouTube Tips Why You Shouldn't Worry About Subscribers Yet

    That was a great read :) Really hitting them with the numbers hah :joy:
  9. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Change keywords text color that already been clicked

    If you guys like this idea, remember to click on the Like button to give a vote :)
  10. Ikerot

    Answered How do you submit the video for the dedicated video trial?

    You'll need to send that over to support@tubebuddy.com along with your video link :)
  11. Ikerot

    Answered How DO I CHANGE MY NAME

    Did you want to change your forum name? If so, let me know what you want it to be changed to :)
  12. Ikerot

    Answered I don't get the purpose of bulk I mean why would 200 videos have the same thumbnail?

    I assume you're talking about the Bulk Thumbnail Overlay? If so, this bulk feature is good for if you need to add in overlays to your thumbnails. For example, you have a brand logo that you want to add to your thumbnails, but you don't want to reupload the thumbnails for each one.
  13. Ikerot

    Answered filmora redempt code dont work

    Have you send an email to the TB support? They'll be able to help you out :) https://tubebuddy.com/support
  14. Ikerot

    Question youtube forums claims

    The title of this thread says 'youtube forums claims', which is very vague. If that's not what you mean, what post do you mean?
  15. Ikerot

    Question youtube forums claims

    Not really sure what you mean? Can you elaborate?
  16. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Change keywords text color that already been clicked

    That is a good idea. I like it :)
  17. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Add suggested keyword automatic score.

    What do you mean? Can you send a screenshot of what you're talking about?
  18. Ikerot

    TubeBuddy Suggestion More robust features in mobile app

    If it wasn't for the API limitation on mobile, we would be able to add a lot more features into the TubeBuddy app. Currently, we are working on a new version/update of the app :)
  19. Ikerot

    Answered Facebook "Likes" count not working

    Facebook did make some changes to their API recently and that's affecting the Videolytic's FB like counts. We're currently looking into a fix :)