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  1. majorsayre

    YouTube Help Invalid Traffic Bug

    At the end of May I got a small notification in youtube studio stating that "Ads may be limited due to Invalid Traffic". Then the notification disappeared, About a week later my revenue dropped about 75% channel wide, with my RPM getting smaller and smaller by the day. I have done nothing to...
  2. majorsayre

    YouTube Question Uploading on Christmas Day

    Thanks to all that responded- I actually DID post on Christmas Day and got a surprising increase in usual views- so thanks very much to all!!! :grinning:
  3. majorsayre

    YouTube Question Uploading on Christmas Day

    So, I usually upload on Sundays and then most of my views are Sun/Mon. But this Sunday is Christmas Day- does it even make sense to upload a new video? In general is anyone on YouTube Christmas Day? Or am I wasting my time? I'm a crafting/DIY channel