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  1. FollsUnitex

    YouTube Question Am I in the wrong niche?

    Thank you! Ok that gives me hope! Thank you so much!
  2. FollsUnitex

    YouTube Question Am I in the wrong niche?

    Thank you. I have been doing youtube now for almost 2 months
  3. FollsUnitex

    YouTube Question Am I in the wrong niche?

    I am in the music niche and I find it hard to come up with video ideas and good titles and thumbnails. Does anyone have suggestions cause some of my videos don't really get any views
  4. FollsUnitex

    Channel Milestone Wow, suddenly our subscribers and views are way up

    Ohhh nice!! I use that but I find it hard to get an excellent score. Any suggestions?
  5. FollsUnitex

    Other Social Media FaceBook Or Pinterest

    I used facebook and it has helped a bit. You have to look and reply to people carefully. A lot of them want sub4sub. But some want genuine support. Just be careful. I just created a post and the honest people will comment and engage. I have made some friends from facebook. I wouldnt not use it...
  6. FollsUnitex

    Subscriber Milestone I got 20 subs in 2 weeks!

    Well done! I started a month ago and i have 40 subs! you can do it.Its your own game. ignore when people say, i got 100 subs in one week. ts your own personal story! when you reach 100, then 1000 then 100K and maybe 1M you will be thankful! Well done!
  7. FollsUnitex

    Subscriber Milestone Slowly and steadily finding my place

    Well done! you have got 15 in 3 days! thats good
  8. FollsUnitex

    Subscriber Milestone GETTING THERE!

    Well done!! Big up!! You will be at 100 before you know it. Its exponential so in theory it will be even faster to get too 100!
  9. FollsUnitex

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    Like a you tube share option that is like when you add posts to your story and you can click on it to go to the original posts.That but for your thumbnail, people click on your thumbnail and it goes straight to your video. I think that will get you more views over time, due it being more effective
  10. FollsUnitex

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    Ok thank you appreciated!
  11. FollsUnitex

    Other Milestone Thank you for 15k views

    My views have been growing a lot over the past couple of weeks, very happy about that. But I am trying to find out how to change the viewers to subscribers. Can anyone suggest anything?
  12. FollsUnitex

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    Thank you, do you know what facebook groups to join, all i see is sub for sub
  13. FollsUnitex

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    Is that just following forums?
  14. FollsUnitex

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    Keep going! You will get there! Whats ur next milestone?