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  1. Monpel

    YouTube SEO Help on a SHORTS video SEO

    Hello, it would really mean a lot to me if you could spare some time to help me. I am new to the YouTube platform and so far I have about 60 shorts videos on my channel. The problem is that the YouTube algorithm ignores most of my newly uploaded videos and they don't get many views. Some of my...
  2. Monpel

    YouTube Help Why is this happening?

    Hi friends, One of my videos has a constant average percentage viewed from 100% to 105% and in 25 days it reached only 55,000 views. Why does a video with such a good audience response have so few views? Other people tell me that the video should have gone viral a long time ago, but nothing...
  3. Monpel

    Need Advice I need help with my YouTube channel

    That's right, I try my best to optimize the video for a worldwide audience, the description and title of the video are in English, the language of the description and title is set to English. I use tags and hashtags that are also in English, and I try to make sure that these tags are connected...
  4. Monpel

    Need Advice I need help with my YouTube channel

    Hi guys, A few days ago I started using TubeBuddy, but instead of seeing progress in growing the channel, it seems that the channel is getting less views. I stopped receiving examinations from other countries and the US, and I only receive examinations from my country where I live. Why does...