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  1. OliTheRepairDude

    Reddit Do you use Reddit to share your videos?

    Yes,I promoted some videos especially latest one As a result of it,my latest one did extremely well And also gotten feedback for my older videos I promoted
  2. OliTheRepairDude

    Need Advice Why more views than subscribers

    Try to entice them to subscribe Share about your future video plans in your videos and use it to entice them to subscribe
  3. OliTheRepairDude

    YouTube Opinion Would you risk changing your channel name?

    For me no as I wanna keep it for now
  4. OliTheRepairDude

    YouTube Question I hit 102 subscribers today, no sooner had I gained them than they dropped back down to 99.

    Don't worry about the lost subs Is better for the dead ones to be lost and have the active ones take over it
  5. OliTheRepairDude

    Channel Review Feedback welcome please looking to improve my channel

    I suggest having a social media presence Make a facebook page,instagram and twitter account for your channel
  6. OliTheRepairDude

    YouTube Question Are the removal of dislikes normal?

    Youtube do remove it from time to time if it found out to be spam
  7. OliTheRepairDude

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think about my thumbnail?

    What do you think of my thumbnail on my first repair live stream How to do better
  8. OliTheRepairDude

    YouTube Tips How to increase watch hours?

    I suggest uploading 10 minutes or more videos Heard that Youtube favor longer videos But make sure you manage to engage your audience
  9. OliTheRepairDude

    Technology Channel Hey I am new here

    User name: OliTheRepairDude Title of introduction: Hey I am new here Your name/ Alias: Oliver Where are you from? Singapore How did you find TubeBuddy? Heard it on Facebook groups,if I remember What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Due to the potential awards I can get which is free...