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  1. JasCool Gaming

    Need Advice After I can my content on my channel, my channel start to die. WHAT DO I DO?

    Please help. I was posting roblox content before, but I recently changed the content to minecraft and the channel start to do. What should I do? Should I just keep posting and hope it will get better?
  2. JasCool Gaming

    PINEAPPLE PIZZA : ITALLIAN CLASSIC? - Can A Cute Ghost Story Be Spooky?

    View: https://youtu.be/7IbZyEuo7vA
  3. JasCool Gaming

    Get Among Us for Free Before it died down!!! (Legal)

    How To Download Among Us For Free on PC and Mac (Mobile Version) - View: https://youtu.be/mYD5N9jzRkQ
  4. JasCool Gaming

    The Most Insane 900 IQ Among Us Impostor Outplay!

    This is the video I made today. Feedback are appreciated - View: https://youtu.be/dLnrEsLb3Fc
  5. JasCool Gaming

    Video Review Need Help to improve the quality of Content

    Your Thumbnail needs some improvement. Maybe make your background music louder. Anyways the video is informative and great. Speak will more excitement would be good to. Keep up the great work
  6. JasCool Gaming

    Video Review Start That Fire (Valorant Montage but its perfectly synced)

    The video is great overall. Thumbnail 10/10 | Video 8/10. The intro could be a little be short, but good as it is. Good Job
  7. JasCool Gaming

    I Saw Pink Vented Among Us

    This video is for among us gamers. Only the true among us gamers would find it funny - View: https://youtu.be/tw9R_2Nw9Vo
  8. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question How do you guys gain subscribers?

    I really want to know how people gain subscribers. If I have enough data I might know how the youtube algorithms works and I can help people grow their channel as well.
  9. JasCool Gaming

    Thumbnail Feedback Roblox Thumbnail. (Which is better?)

    Which is better? 1 or 2? The video is about how to change your roblox background theme
  10. JasCool Gaming

    How To Change Your ROBLOX Background Theme

    View: https://youtu.be/F2Av7x3WWA8
  11. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question What do I do If my channel stop growing?

    After supercell teams, copyright strike my most popular video, my channel stops growing. What should I do? I need good advice and support.
  12. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question Which email should I contact if I have trouble with YouTube?

    I try twitter, they never respond to me. YouTube copyright teams I DM youtube on twitter a few days ago, they haven't reply yet. What should I do
  13. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question Which email should I contact if I have trouble with YouTube?

    Cuz I contact youtube from their email, but they never reply.
  14. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question What should I do if company use copyright to abuse my channel?

    My video was copyright strike due to (I don't know what it is) The video is about, how to download brawl stars on PC. I don't know how that was copyrighted. I know you might say it might be music in the video, but it is not. Cuz I was copyright by the game company. Please help me because it is...
  15. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question Is walkthrough video better than gameplay video?

    I normally do gameplay videos, but they don't get a lot of views. My most views videos are mostly how-to videos. So I'm just wondering is walkthrough video will get lot's of views.
  16. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Question Is walkthrough video better than gameplay video?

    I just wanna know which topic will get me more views.
  17. JasCool Gaming

    YouTube Help Why is it so hard to get Discover on YouTube and how can get discover?

    Thanks for the tips. Also can you let me know the group you join on facebook? cuz I can't seem to find a good facebook group