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  1. GrooveOn

    YouTube Question Using copyrighted music on Youtube shorts

    Thanks Kenjackson, you are correct, I do not like the unclean 'strikes but no actions' on my channel, so have deleted straight away. I have tried over the years to thank the musician, record label and as much as possible, but it never seems to help. If any know a good place to pay for copyright...
  2. GrooveOn

    YouTube Question Using copyrighted music on Youtube shorts

    I was led to believe that recently YouTube now allows youtube shorts to use copyrighted music so thought I would test the water. I uploaded my short through which was 45 secs long using YouTube Studio and after the copyright checks, it stated that copyrighted music was found, but not a copyright...
  3. GrooveOn

    Thumbnail Feedback YouTube Thumbnail Idea

    I like to keep my thumbnails using similar fonts and styles so people, get familiar and it looks consistent on your channel. For me your image is too dark as when small you cannot see the detail, the font is hard to see on the white area and I couldn't read what it said, perhaps use white with...
  4. GrooveOn

    Video Review Ai Trading Platform Reviews

    Hi there, good fast approach, informative and you know what to expect from the video. As your channel is very much going to be the same format with a 'talking heads' review format, would be good to up your game with the sound, and use a mic to give the viewer more connection. Also a 'hook' would...