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  1. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Text to Speech AI

    I have been having long conversations with ChatGTP and Google Bard, asking them the same question and then seeing where that conversation leads. At this point, I would not consider either of them actually to be any form of AI. In fact, neither of them has demonstrated the slightest abilities of...
  2. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Using copyrighted music on Youtube shorts

    Firstly, why are you trying to do this? YouTube has a database of free music you can use without restrictions, so there is no need to try to do what you are doing. Secondly, what you are doing is trying to make money from someone else's work and deprive them of compensation. Not cool man. Not...
  3. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Text to Speech AI

    I both agree and disagree with you. I agree that software, once created, can be replicated at no cost and distributed for free. This is why I primarily only use Pay to Own software. I still use a copy of Office 2000 that I paid $99 for in 1999. I paid for it and it still does what I need it...
  4. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Text to Speech AI

    There are, but none that are free (that I know of). I have heard (not seen) that there are systems out there that can synthesize your voice with as little as 30 seconds of raw voice audio from you. Sonatic actually did this for Val Kilmer in the movie Top Gun: Maverick, using voice recordings...
  5. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Text to Speech AI

    Following! I am in the same boat. I need an AI voice, not for all my content, but for some unique personal stuff. I don't want to pay for a service that I am only rarely going to use, and probably make no money from. My rule is; only tools that earn the money to pay for themselves are worthy...
  6. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Why don't i have the channel guidelines yet?

    Listen. I am me. Understand? I am a non-conformist, and the one thing I really hate is when modern "I am offended by anything and everything" people try to tell me to stop talking the way I do. I am not cussing you or anyone out. I am using common English language to express my feelings about...
  7. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Why don't i have the channel guidelines yet?

    Either I do not understand you, or you do not understand the benefit of externally shared links on your channel. There is no reason to try to stop people from sharing or embedding your videos. External links are a huge boost for a channel, and YouTube really likes them because they bring...
  8. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Why don't i have the channel guidelines yet?

    Discord? Barf!! Puke!! Throw up! I hate that platform. It has to be the world's worst method of communication, right behind Twitter. I will never understand why anyone uses it. I have tried and tried to get used to it, but it is an absolute exercise in incoherence, chaos, and A.D.D. I get why...
  9. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Why don't i have the channel guidelines yet?

    Okay, that is your choice, but don't get upset or complain when people could "careless" to answer you, or if they misunderstand what you are saying. There is an old saying, "What is good for the goose, is good for the gander." If you could care less to try to write a better question, why should...
  10. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Why don't i have the channel guidelines yet?

    I disagree. This forum is probably the best and most useful forum I have ever participated in, and I have been a part of literally hundreds of forums. There are a lot of great people on here who are willing to help, but they are not going to coddle you. As far as you personally, your writing...
  11. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Opinion YouTube News. Affiliate Marketing not welcome anymore!

    Today, YouTube announced that they are doing away with "Clickable Links" in video descriptions in an effort to combat scammers. While this sounds like a good thing, if you are an affiliate marketer, it is a death nail, and just one more reason to abandon YouTube. YouTube does not seem to...
  12. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Help My subscribers don't watch my videos

    LOL! Less than 1% of my 19k subs watch my videos. Subs are totally and utterly meaningless. The only reason you need them is to qualify for YPP, and now that you only make $0.02 (2 cents) per 1000 views, even that is completely pointless.
  13. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Help No Comments with a side order of low views.

    Let me spell it out for you. To understand where we are today, you must understand history and human nature. Historically, the only people who got screen time were actors in movies and TV shows. These people had to work their way up through the ranks to reach stardom. In other words, they had...
  14. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Help New member here, Any suggestions from experienced?

    Step 1: Produce watch-worthy content. Step 2: Use TubeBuddy to guide you through the SEO process. Step 3: Ask for subs but don't be obnoxious. Step 4: Stay engaged with your viewers by responding to comments. Step 5: Stay Positive on your channel. Step 6: Be Patient.
  15. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy I am new on TubeBuddy but I dont understand, as here is nothing is special , every futures as same as originally YT giving, so please let me know

    Hi. It appears that English is not your first language and you may be using a translator, so this makes your post a little difficult to understand. I think what you are asking is a question about the Usefulness of TubeBuddy and how to get the best results. TubeBuddy is a Search Engine...
  16. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy Best Way To Get New Subscribers?

    I apologize for my language. I love TB and I honestly think TB needs to quickly expand its focus beyond YT, as I truly believe that YT as it has been is gone and will soon be a paid platform like Hulu. I personally feel the word rape is entirely appropriate to describe the 30% YT grabs from...
  17. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy Best Way To Get New Subscribers?

    Well yes, but now, since joining YPP is virtually worthless because of the dramatic reduction in ad revenue, that makes subs almost worthless. All experienced creators will tell you that there is not enough money to be made from Adsense by itself to even justify the time and effort making...
  18. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy Best Way To Get New Subscribers?

    Subscribers! What are they good for? Absolutely Nothing! Say it again! If you want subs, ask for them in your video and make it easy for them to sub. That is how you get them.
  19. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube News Good CNBC Article on YouTube vs. TikTok vs. Reels

    That's a good article that proves most of what I have been saying. People want Shorts, but ADVERTISERS do not. ADVERTISERS know that Short videos are a waste of their advertising budget. The bottom line is, Shorts are great for the consumer, but bad for business. I don't buy all the arguments...
  20. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Help Channel Missing to Manage as Admin

    Don't give up. Have you tried contacting YouTube support?