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  1. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Question What contents do you create for your channel?

    Yeah, I've seen a lot of gaming videos too. I do man in the street videos. Australian guy goes around asking questions to random people.
  2. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Question Is it bad to put a link in the YouTube comments section?

    Yeah, I wasn't very clear. I mean dropping links on other peoples videos.
  3. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Question Youtube shorts

    Interesting, seems like the first ones got attention. I'll keep posting and see what happens.
  4. PicklezCameraGuy

    Channel Review More than 100 videos on the channel, but no views

    Checked out your channel. Listening to space sounds for sleep right now. I like the concept of the channel. I don't ever really listen to ambient sleep tracks like this, but this is soothing. Do you record the sounds and create the ambient synths?
  5. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Question Youtube shorts

    For me shorts are hit or miss. I've gotten 900 views on one, 200 on another, 100 on another, and then cricket's on the rest of them. And those never made it to the shorts feed. I wonder what makes them hit the feed, or if they all go in the feed.
  6. PicklezCameraGuy

    How-To Channel YouTube Creator

    Why hello I'm new here too. Checking out your shorts. Do you do how to videos?
  7. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Question Is it bad to put a link in the YouTube comments section?

    I assume it is, but I've clicked on links in the comments section before and found some good content. Just curious on some of your opinions.
  8. PicklezCameraGuy

    Entertainment Channel Look at me, I'm new!

    User name: PicklezCameraGuy Title of introduction: Look at me, I'm new! Your name/ Alias: Matt Where are you from? How did you find TubeBuddy? A YouTuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to learn. What would you like to accomplish with your channel: I want people to be...
  9. PicklezCameraGuy

    YouTube Help Becareful when making old private videos public...

    Had no idea this was a thing. thanks.