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  1. Soulkiller956

    Bus simulator Indonesia mod

    Watch and tell me wha i need to improve to get views and subs.. lately channel going down View: https://youtu.be/01aVQQOdbv4
  2. Soulkiller956

    My new video, pro truck driving simulator

    Please watch and tell me wht to improve. Am quiet new to this field View: https://youtu.be/EqWmZlR5Xu4
  3. Soulkiller956

    Editing Software Video editor

    Which is better video editor for android to edit my YouTube videos.. currently am using power director from cyberlink..but not many options there
  4. Soulkiller956

    Need Advice Intro video

    I been searching weeks for how to make free intro videos no luck..is there anyone here to help me out
  5. Soulkiller956

    Pubg solo vs squad

    Please watch sub and let me know wht i want to do make it more interesting View: https://youtu.be/HcpBuOOwMc8
  6. Soulkiller956

    Vlog Channel vlogging &lifestyle

    Welcome here all the best for yiur channel
  7. Soulkiller956

    YouTube Question Seo

    How i tag on description..is it like doing on tag section with comma
  8. Soulkiller956

    Entertainment Channel i love to eat and cook

    Welcome here ..all the best for your channel
  9. Soulkiller956


    I don't either watch channel trailers
  10. Soulkiller956

    Gaming Channel A New Cookie here for the fun

    Welcome here and best wishes for your channel
  11. Soulkiller956

    Answered Promotion

    Hows the promotion on tubebuddy works..how much it is costs or is it free to do
  12. Soulkiller956

    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail

    I designed again new one.. hows it