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    YouTube Question How often did you post?

    I post at least once a week. No matter what I do I try my best.
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    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    I’m in the same boat. Lol we just have to keep our heads up high and keep posting. Just like that old saying. If you build it, they will come. So.. if you post it, they will come. Takes time and they have to grown on us. How many times you and I watch videos and don’t subscribe unless you like...
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    Need Advice How to lure my views to like my videos?

    Well we can’t force people not to like anything they don’t like. Look at your title and tags. Find out what people are looking at on what you post. Takes time to build a huge building. Not sure if you are just starting off or been on for awhile. It’s a marathon not a 5 k. I just started 2 months...
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    YouTube Question small youtube channel vs big youtubechannel

    Don’t feel left out I feel most of us are in the same boat starting out. No way I can compete against someone who has been on YouTube for like years. It’s like a business we have to start off small and build up on that. I only have like 42 subscribers and that took me 2 months to get that. I...
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    Vlog Channel Traveling With Patrick

    The no you and yes I love traveling when I can!
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    Need Advice How do you drive traffic to your channel?

    I use other social sites and chat with other people on YouTube. It has gotten a few more extra views and subscribers.
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    Video received a copyright claim by saying I using "Their" song and how can I solve it?

    i would try the free music on YouTube. You can download it and it’s ok to use.
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    Gaming Channel I am a gamer

    Welcome Colton!! Good luck on getting your first 1,000
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    YouTube Question I get views and subs even likes but would it kill them make a comment and give a little feedback thats all i have wanted for over year now

    patience young grasshopper all in good time. It will happen sooner or later. We can’t force anyone to say anything or make them like our videos. Yes I feel all of us want the attention right away but like I was told from someone who is known really big on YouTube said to me. It’s a marathon not...
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    Need Advice Why am I getting no traffic?

    I feel all of us have the same issue. Just like others say on here make sure we use the proper tags and look at other videos and see what people are looking at. Try other social apps keep posting it will happen man. But the way great vids!!
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    YouTube Tips Long or short intros?

    good question. I guess some like the long intro but that’s not why they subscribed to our page. Mines is around 15 seconds and that’s it. I change it up and try to keep it short. I have seen some intros a minute king and that makes me push the video faster to get through it. I wanna see the...
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    Vlog Channel Traveling With Patrick

    User name: Travelingwithpatrick Title of introduction: Traveling With Patrick Your name/ Alias: Patrick Where are you from? New Orleans How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To learn more how to gain more followers What would you like to accomplish...