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    Thumbnail Feedback What u guys think about this thumbnail?

    Both of the Thumbnails are good enough but I like the second one very much. I will suggest removing the white background form the right picture in the second one.
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    Thumbnail Feedback feedback and tips please :)

    In the first one, the text is hard to read. However, the second one is very easy to read. Moreover, I like both of the thumbnails. Both are very good but the second one is easy to read.
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    YouTube Question copyright free songs

    You can get copyright-free songs for your youtube videos and dance covers in the following places: Free Music Archive Youtube audio library NCS Channel
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    YouTube Question How many channel do u run!

    I also have two Youtube channels and yes you are right that it is very difficult to manage them both. At one time we can only focus on one channel. Sometimes secondary channel might do well than our primary one.
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    YouTube Opinion How I gained 700 subscribers in a month

    Congratulations!!! And thanks for sharing tips. You are right that posting on the social media platform along with optimizing video added a great benefit.
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    YouTube Question Make videos tutorials without voice is good or bad?

    You can make a video without audio but one thing you'll have to keep in mind that your video quality must be very good to cope with your missing voice narration. You must also have ample sound effects in your video, as no one will watch a completely muted video. Remember it’s, not your voice...
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    Need Advice What is a good audience retention percentage?

    The good audience retention percentage on Youtube is about 40 to 50%. The 50% audience retention percentage is good enough. If I hit over 50% retention, I feel like I hit my mark.
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    YouTube Tips What type of editing style should I use

    Great editing depends on your personal style and the nature of your content. But let me share with you some of the best YouTube channels that show good editing style for the content they produce, check them, I hope it will help you out: Numberphile JonTronShow Cinemassacre
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    Need Advice How can I get my channel promoted high in search to increase view time and su scriber please?

    To rank your youtube channel in search results, I will suggest to: Use attractive and relevant titles and thumbnails Share your video on social media Choose keyword-rich file names, titles, descriptions, and tags.
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    TubeBuddy Tips DO NOT use more than 15 hashtags in your description!

    Thanks for sharing the information. I do not use such a large number of hashtags in my description. I will try not to add more than the requirement.
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    YouTube Tips How do I increase views and click through rate?

    CTR is one of the important factors to get more views. To increase views and click-through rate, I will suggest sharing your channel link on Social Media Platforms. The more people you attract to your channel, the higher will be your CPC.
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    YouTube Resources YouTube MONEY 2021: The Business Side of Being a Full-Time YouTuber . . .

    Thanks for sharing. After watching the video, I really like them. The ways to generate income as a content producer are awesome. He has a very realistic approach too.
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    Need Advice Posting at a specific hour, does that matter?

    The best time to upload your video is different for each user, depending upon the location and targeted audience. To find the best time, you need to look at your daily video views. It will help in finding daily peaks and lows when people are viewing your content.
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    Need Advice Has anyone every used Google Ads?

    To be honest I don’t use either to promote my Youtube Channel. There are numerous free methods that can help you in promoting your channel. However, Google AdWords is helpful in search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic and leads.
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    Need Advice is a "relaxing music" type channel worth it?

    Yes, it is a good idea on making a channel with relaxing music and sounds. You can go with any channel like the one you mentioned. Remember any idea you have can be an interesting idea if you put your own unique spin on it.
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    TubeBuddy Tips Facebook Stories works really well!

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Facebook stories can be beneficial if you have good followers. Facebook Stories solely means News Feed and you can constantly update the list of stories on Facebook.
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    YouTube Question How many hours a week do you generally spend on YouTube related tasks?

    It depends on the amount of editing needed along with the length of the video. Normally about 3 to 5 hrs are enough each day for me. However, the time needed may be different for each one.
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    Need Advice Should I make a shorts channel?

    That's a good one. My opinion stands out with the short videos. As @Stanley Orchard has stated that you should follow the regular content on your channel. So, do that too.
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    Need Advice Tips on how to have quality YouTube videos.

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Best content with low-quality videos are better than having bad content but having high quality videos. Moreover, the best quality videos with good content are a plus point.
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    Need Advice Tips on how to have quality YouTube videos.

    Let me share with you some tips on how to have quality YouTube videos: Decent angles Stable camera Good camera quality Proper Lighting