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    YouTube Question So how do you get back into making content after being busy with other priorities?

    So I have been slowly trying to get back into making my own content however I have been very busy but trying to find some time to make my content. what are y'alls method or idea to get out of this small rut?
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    Community Where can I get FREE art for my YouTube videos?

    For my thumbnails you can try canva, pixlr which are websites or if you want to install gimp which is free or if you have a budget you can try Photoshop. However there are more art applications if you want to make thumbnails for your videos.
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    Thumbnail Feedback what is considered "clickbaiting" v.s. click worthy"?

    Hi i am new to youtube however I am wanting to learn and get some advice on creating "thumbnails" and I wanted to know what is clickbaiting vs click worthy.
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    Can you make a DIY skit?

    SO DIY Skit I did I if you want to call it. the DIY SKIT that I did is called the Art of Napping
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    Can you make a DIY skit?

    yes is that possible?
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    Can you make a DIY skit?

    Hi i am new to youtube has anyone ever made a DIY skit?