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  1. RandomFandomOfficial

    Editing Software What Editing Software you have?

    Android: Powerdirector Pro. (I bought it before they went subscription only. Currently, not worth it IMHO.) iOS: Lumafusion. (By far the best editor I've used, other than I currently use it on an iPhone SE which has a tiny screen.) Windows/Linux: ShotCut, Olive Video Editor, Openshot, Kdenlive...
  2. RandomFandomOfficial

    Editing Software Best Screen Recorder.

    OBS! https://obsproject.com Free and open source!
  3. RandomFandomOfficial

    Gear Question PC OR MAC?

    PC for gaming, Mac for editing. But there's Lumafusion on iOS, and it's god-tier for editing! Just watch this video and let the results speak for themselves! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CbMsEKgwtM It's so unfortunate that an iPad that cost less than a super powerful PC, can have...
  4. RandomFandomOfficial

    Editing Software Best screen recording software?

    OBS hands down! It's free and open source, and very powerful. It's also one of the industry standards, which also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux! https://obsproject.com/
  5. RandomFandomOfficial

    Gaming Channel Gaming collaboration... for a better world.

    User name: RandomFandomOfficial Title: Gaming collaboration... for a better world. Age: 25 Type of collaboration: Requirements: - You must know about modern gaming's predatory practices... or be willing to learn about them and share the info with your viewers. (Things we'll explore...
  6. RandomFandomOfficial

    Gaming Channel Pretty new content creator (Channel really started in Oct 2020, but started to have quicker growth in last 3 weeks)

    I may be open to do a collab, as long as it's NOT any modern AAA game (exception for a few games, such as DOOM 2016).
  7. RandomFandomOfficial

    Gaming Channel Collaboration On Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is a garbage game... but I may be open to do a collab on Insurgency, Day of Infamy, or America's Army Proving Grounds. Engagement Optimized Matchmaking/P2W, predatory grinding, excessive microtransactions and gambling mechanics.. these are all reasons why Call Of Duty is a garbage...
  8. RandomFandomOfficial

    TubeBuddy Suggestion TwitchBuddy, OdyseeBuddy/LBRYBuddy, RumbleBuddy, BitchuteBuddy...

    I think adding support for other platforms would be very useful! With the way YouTube is going, it would be great if we could take our TubeBuddy tools and use them on other platforms.
  9. RandomFandomOfficial

    Gaming Channel Hey come check me out!

    sus imposter!!!!! lol among us
  10. RandomFandomOfficial

    Technology Channel Technology/Gaming Channel, with some other random content thrown in.

    My advice to new creators... 1. Don't just do YouTube, consider joining other platforms such as Twitch and Odysee/LBRY. You never know when your channel could get banned. Just because your content is about safe topics, doesn't mean you are immune to power abuse from YouTube. 2. Use tools like...
  11. RandomFandomOfficial

    Technology Channel Technology/Gaming Channel, with some other random content thrown in.

    My other profiles for those interested... My Twitch Channel: https://twitch.tv/randomfandomofficial Odysee/LBRY: https://odysee.com/@RandomFandomOfficial:4? My Website (WIP): https://randomfandom.cf My Tubebuddy Link: https://link.randomfandom.cf/TBBDY Goals... My current YouTube goal...
  12. RandomFandomOfficial

    Technology Channel Technology/Gaming Channel, with some other random content thrown in.

    User name: RandomFandomOfficial Title of introduction: Technology/Gaming Channel, with some other random content thrown in. Your name/ Alias: Random Fandom Where are you from? The United States of America (unfortunately in a rural area with really bad internet) How did you find TubeBuddy...