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  1. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question Does changing channel name hurts performance ?

    It depends... if you're making a drastic change and its unrelated to your previous name, it can definitely hurt your daily views. My wife and I simply added our own names on to the end of our channel name and thankfully had no noticeable issues. Of course, everyone is different and has...
  2. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question Uploading to YouTube

    A few things here, firstly OP is stating he pulls the video clips from his GoPro through the app on to his Iphone before editing them. I apologize for my ignorance as I've never used that method before for my hero 8, but does the app pull all clips in at its original quality on to your phone? I...
  3. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question What is the real reason behind you, as a viewer, subscribing to a channel?

    It is a combination of factors, but mostly I need to be interested in the topic. After that it is a combination of information and entertainment and that is what we try to provide in our own videos as well.
  4. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Opinion Have any of you do Sub4Sub before you realize it a bad way to grow your channel?

    It is tempting when you're smaller to engage in it, but the better way is to be an active participant in your niche with other small creators and provide meaningful comments. You'll do a much better job of attracting the right eye balls that way.
  5. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question Translating Subtitles in other languages from Auto-Generated English Subtitles - Does it help?

    We've noticed the auto-generated English subtitles have a decent amount of mistakes. We correct these first before my wife translates into Turkish (from the updated English subtitles). Even then, the translation to Turkish isn't done perfectly and she needs to correct things. The auto-translate...
  6. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Tips Watch hours

    You should also think about your story which will ultimately tie in to audience retention like Beanie suggested. What about your daily trips as a courier might an audience find interesting, i.e. are there crazy traffic moments which may seem routine now for you that would shock or surprise your...
  7. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question What to do for sub4sub comments?

    We just ignored them. You can also add the phrase to your spam filter and they would get weeded out that way.
  8. Travel Interesante

    Need Advice Are Tags worth the effort ?

    If you're not using tags as a small channel, you're doing YouTube wrong.
  9. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Help A Study In Competence

    Ahh the valley of despair... the fun (enraging?) part of YouTube is that there are multiple valleys. We've had multiple moments of "success" followed by moments of trying to figure out if we are doing the right thing. I guess in that regard is it nice to be doing this with my wife, we've mostly...
  10. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Help What am I doing wrong? How's this even possible?

    I think everyone here covered the basic of YT enough to say 5-6 weeks is a short amount of time. The second thing I think you should think about is whether the content you are making is what YouTube's audience wants to watch. Try to find something very niche or specific in health and fitness...
  11. Travel Interesante

    Need Advice Best Practise For Comments

    Honest big YouTubers will admit they watch and like their own work. Cathrin Manning/Content Bug admits so much in her own videos, she does it as a way to also be there to answer her subscribers/commenters when they leave a comment within the first 30 minutes.
  12. Travel Interesante

    Pamukkale - Turkey's Cotton Castle

    Our video about visiting Pamukkale, Turkey (aka the Cotton Castle), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was a special one because it was both of our first times visiting. We beat the crowds and had Pamukkale's world famous travertines all to ourselves for over an hour! View...
  13. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    It really is all about finding little ways to improve in each video. Focus on 1 or 2 things, watch a YouTube video or a tutorial somewhere if you can swing it and try and improve in areas that you can. And naturally, another great post by Stanley. We actually hit 1k subs well before 4k watch...
  14. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question Best YouTube Camera for fitness & entertainment.

    Exactly, use your phone to start and invest in lighting and a good microphone. Our first handful of videos were filmed on our Google Pixel 3 phones. The content and whether you provide something for people to keep coming back to your channel is more important.
  15. Travel Interesante

    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    Always good to know we aren't alone. It has been a video roughly every 10-14 days when we wanted to do a video a week. Pushing through the edit is sometimes rather difficult from a motivation standpoint.
  16. Travel Interesante

    YouTube News You MIGHT be getting ads weather you like it or not.

    Right, I feel this last part is key. Largely the way I interpreted this is that if someone who isn't in the YPP has a video go viral, now YouTube can opt to turn on ads for this video and monetize it for itself and not pay out the creator. Obviously, if I was in that creators shoes, it would...
  17. Travel Interesante

    Need Advice Do you ask your friends and family to subsribe?

    We advertise ourselves to our friends and family and people we meet, but of course we give them a heads up as to what type of channel we are. No sense in having people subscribe if they are not interested in travel after all. We've noticed YouTube is a bit of a numbers game and people tend to...
  18. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question RPM in Analytics Revenue

    We certainly appreciate it. While I wouldn't mind doing the extra math, keeping things simple is much appreciated and further allows us to just focus more on what content works for our channel.
  19. Travel Interesante

    Thinking of Visiting Turkey?

    Whether you wanted to plan a trip soon or right after this pandemic is over, we put together a guide, especially for first time visitors to make sure you have all the information you need to prepare to visit. Thanks for watching our guide on the things to know before traveling to Turkey! View...
  20. Travel Interesante

    Need Advice Has anyone noticed any benefits in terms of traffic when adding background music?

    We feel that music helps with audience retention more than pushing traffic, but it really will depend on what type of videos you are doing. You also need to choose the right music for the content you are doing. It obviously does not make sense to put a heavy metal track underneath a yoga...