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  1. VU IQ

    Need Advice Got Subscribers but Need Watch time

    Hi! I started my Channel in April 2020 but Due to my busy schedule I couldn't continue posting. So, I didn't post any video till December 18th, 2021 when I started taking the channel seriously once again. In the meantime, One of my videos got many views due to the nature of the video. The video...
  2. VU IQ

    Answered after creating a vidoe content what next

    If it is your first video, I congratulate you on starting your YouTube Journey. I hope you had researched the topic for your video i.e. looking at the competition, traffic volume and keywords. Now that you have published the video, I would suggest that you share this video on your social media...
  3. VU IQ

    Subscriber Milestone 220 Subscribers Reached!

    So, I uploaded 4 videos back in April, 2020. And didn't Upload a single video in 8 months. But at the End of November, My channel just got a boost and I reached 220 Subscribers! Thanks Tubebuddy! Helped me a lot.
  4. VU IQ

    YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel

    As a Viewer I tend to stick to a channel that has created playlists as It makes browsing the video easier. So, I would suggest you should include every video in at least one playlist.:)
  5. VU IQ

    Audio Gear Need Mic recommendation

    uh....ok I guess i'll stick to my laptop mic then as 30$ means 5000 rupees whereas average salary here is about 20000 rupees.
  6. VU IQ

    Audio Gear Need Mic recommendation

    I started my channel about one month ago. I could not buy a mic due to lockdown. Now that the restrictions have eased, I am planning to buy a budget mic. I can afford at most 10$, giving that our currency is much depreciated and I just have my pocket money to invest. Should I buy or not? Can you...
  7. VU IQ

    YouTube Help Animation Making software

    Oh, its speech to text. I want text to speech, what is the use of speech to text here!
  8. VU IQ

    YouTube Help Animation Making software

    I want to illustrate what I am saying by using animations like the channels bright side and The infographic show. I don't have any drawing capabilities. So, I want some free software with decent stock like animaker. I am satisfied with Animaker but that one has a watermark on it in free version...
  9. VU IQ

    Answered Change affiliate link

    I signed up for affiliate program to get free upgrades. I created a link which included my channel name. Now that I have seen that not that much people are installing or clicking that link, I want to change the link. So If I request a new link, will all of my progress lost or transfer to my new...
  10. VU IQ

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    ok so are these forums on this community or separate webs. I understand that I should find forums related to my niche but still..... I can't understand where are these forums
  11. VU IQ

    How-To Channel Hey! I am new to the community.

    Nice to meet you! Wish you good luck
  12. VU IQ

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    Can you please name those forums?
  13. VU IQ

    Gaming Channel Gaming

    I have also never collaborated and have 76 subs. So I think we have a match. I do "how to" videos. So, when you do some game's review I would do how to download that game review.
  14. VU IQ

    Forum News 4 Years of Forums Giveaway!

    I really love SEO studio.
  15. VU IQ

    Answered Affiliate Program: Clicks or installs?

    So I signed up for affiliate program in which I would get a upgraded membership If I get the link clicked 250....Is that right? I mean I just need clicks or also need installs to get upgraded?
  16. VU IQ

    How-To Channel Hey! I am new to the community.

    User name: VU IQ Title of introduction: Hey! I am new to the community. Your name/ Alias: Mazhar Baig Where are you from? Pakistan How did you find TubeBuddy? Actually its mixed. But I really installed when I found tubebuddy on a channel whose video was posted by Youtube creator academy as a...
  17. VU IQ

    Channel Review After advice about my channel

    I would advice to keep the thumbnails simple that's what I have found during my quest for thumbnail tips.