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    Gear Advice What gear should I use for my videos?

    use your phone for recording..you can use natural lights if u want it to be professional u can get these things (i have) 1 Green/blue screen (buy from amazon)(click here to buy the green screen i use) 2 ring lights for face (Click here to buy ring light i use) 3 mic (i use boya mic) (click here...
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    Gear Opinion Which tripod should i use

    just wanted to know if there is anything good in any tripod il buy the simptex one it seems good to me
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    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    Hi Andrew Kan please give me my promotion section access the proof is attached below
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    Gear Opinion Which tripod should i use

    i need it to be under 350 rupees →Click here to convert←
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    Gear Opinion Which tripod should i use

    please tell me which tripod should i use...i used a local made one..but it was not good please suggest me a tripod and give me the amazon link also i need it to be cheap and strong i came here because i think u have an idea which is better...im new on u tube
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    Fun Counting!!

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    Fun Counting!!

    3. follow all the rules
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    Fun Counting!!

    start counting from 2...lets see how far we can go RULES!! 1. you can post 1 message only 2. dont skip anynumber
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    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    use filmora!! its cheap and good click here
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    Need Advice Giude

    tubebuddy does not give you subs directly.. you need to post videos more frequently.. and put more tags and get a tubebuddy pro
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    Community I think I'm awful...

    i also use canva...try youtube tutorials
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    YouTube Help How to enable the YouTube Shorts option On YouTube?

    1 just make a video (vertical format) 2 upload it to your phone 3 go to upload shorts 4 upload it on youtube 5 fill title and disciption 6 it will make a shorts section at your youtube home page channel (www.youtube.com/{channel name}) eg www.youtube.com/counselorsconnect
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    YouTube Help Is there any option to edit in live streaming ?

    you can just trim it or blur some parts of the video using the editor tool on youtube it will not take your watchtime
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    YouTube Help Mobile live streaming

    it unlocks after 1k+ subs
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    Answered how to gain subscribers

    upload more videos and put good tags and maintain your seo to at least 95%
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    Editing Software Best screen recording software?

    OBS or bandicam... every video editor has a screen recorder.. or if you dont have ascreen recorder use Win+alt+r to start recording