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  1. Cheche004

    YouTube Tips what brands to reach out for sponsorships?

    Thanks a lot. I will give a try
  2. Cheche004

    Answered How to clam giveaway prize?

    I won a giveaway few months ago and asked the team not to activate the prize ( 3 month legendary update) as I am not active in my channel. Now that I am active in my channel can I please have my prize?
  3. Cheche004

    YouTube Tips what brands to reach out for sponsorships?

    I'd love to bring my channel to next level by brand collaborations. What brands do you think I should reach out to in lifestyle, fashion, fitness neiches.
  4. Cheche004

    Answered active 1 month free TubeBuddy upgrade

    How to active 1 month free TubeBuddy upgrade after 100 posts completed?
  5. Cheche004

    Answered How to claim free upgrade when completed 100 posts on forum?

    I completed 100 TubeBuddy forums. How to get the free upgrade?
  6. Cheche004

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    I just completed 100 posts on TubeBuddy forum. I think I'm eligible for the upgrade.
  7. Cheche004

    YouTube Tips How to reduce video editing time?

    Hey, Rough cutting take hours, and when it comes to creative editing it takes hours too.But I enjoy tht process. Rough cutting drains all my energy. Due to footage lags I dont edit on laptop anymore. I edit on my phone.
  8. Cheche004

    YouTube Tips How to reduce video editing time?

    90 to 30 mins on average
  9. Cheche004

    YouTube Question Newbie here, How can I encourage viewers to subscribe?

    Studies have found asking ppl to subscribe to the channel is not working. Instead give them a reason to subscribe. Give them the idea YT is a huge platform, once you lost a creater its so hard to find that one
  10. Cheche004

    Channel Review I need to review my YouTube channel to grow it to 100K subs.

    User name: Cheche004 Title of thread: I need to review my YouTube channel to grow it to 100K subs. Self review: My video editing is very advance and I dont think I need more editing. Thumbails seems okay to me. The channel name is bit hard to keep in mind. Banner is quite old now. Channel...
  11. Cheche004

    Channel Review Insert compelling title here xD.....Please help me take my content to the next level

    I think you are doing well. Keep on multiplying the trending content and remember YouTube is not overnight success, you need to be consistent with the right content. Try to go for unique thumbnail style and unique colors just for your channel. Black and dark shades seems ordinary to me. Go for a...
  12. Cheche004

    YouTube Tips How to reduce video editing time?

    I spend days upon days, editing one video and post it. It hurts the frequency of my uploading schedule. I post vlogs and lifestyle videos 8-10 mins. I need to reduce video editing time. Are there any advices?
  13. Cheche004

    Lifestyle Channel Shoutout to shoutout

    User name: Cheche004 Title: Shoutout to shoutout Age: 25 Type of collaboration: Searching for female youtubers who does videos on lifestyle, fashion or daily vlogs. Expecting youtubers with 2000 subscribers or more and should match my video style to collaborate. Please reply down below if you...
  14. Cheche004

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

    2641 Merry Christmas <3
  15. Cheche004

    Other Social Media How do you earn on fiverr. Personal experiences will be highly appreciated.

    My channel is not monetized yet. I would love to earn a few dollars for myself. I started with a gif for fiver. People dont reach out to me that much. Any ideas about that?
  16. Cheche004

    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    Correct!! haha.. This is fun!!
  17. Cheche004

    Channel Review I need an honest review on how i can improve my channel

    I really do love your channel. I'd love to add some more, You can add giphy and more B roles, to keep the viewers busy and not leave the video. Good Luck <3