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    YouTube Help Live Chat and Interactions Have Fallen Off a Cliff

    When I first started doing live streams a few months ago I was getting some people in the chat and also getting a few new subs each time. I finally reached the monetization level but it seems like shortly thereafter it just dropped off a cliff. My monetization is not even enough yet to get a...
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    Need Advice Should you create another channel before 1st has 1K Subs?

    This is similar to the question i posted. I don't know if I should go with a 2nd channel. As someone said above, I'd rather not dilute my hobby content with all sorts of other content but right now everything's together in 1 place. I''d like to monetize my hobby but would rather not start...
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    Need Advice Question About Moving to a Brand Channel

    Hello Youtubers! I have a question about what direction to take. I've had a small personal YT channel for years, never really did much with it but I do have a few videos with thousands of views. I only have 674 subs but have met the watch time requirement for monetization. As you can tell from...