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  1. DebuJalanan

    YouTube Help Best end screen plan?

    I wish I read this comment earlier. Man, I should've known this. Thank you, @Stanley OrchardBuddy
  2. DebuJalanan

    Subscriber Milestone 55 subs woot

    No, not bad at all. Congrats.. :party:
  3. DebuJalanan

    Technology Channel Hi Everyone, Nice to meet you

    Halo, mas bro. Met gabung di TubeBuddy.
  4. DebuJalanan

    Your New youtube channel name will be

    Chicken blue. :D
  5. DebuJalanan

    Life What is your plan for this End-if-Year Holiday?

    As a cab driver, I'll just keep working. Lol... I've got nothing else to do. Have a nice holiday, fellas. Stay safe wherever you are. :blush:
  6. DebuJalanan

    YouTube Tips Bagaimana cara agar video kita ramai

    Silakan baca di sini, bang: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/43617/
  7. DebuJalanan

    Educational Channel Are You Having Trouble with Windows or Android?

    Halo, sob. Met gabung di forum TubeBuddy. :D
  8. DebuJalanan

    Question Why is my subscribe button faded out?

    It's just faded for you, as mine for me.
  9. DebuJalanan

    Channel Milestone 10 subscribers and 121 Views

    Congratulations... :party: Keep it up.
  10. DebuJalanan

    Channel Milestone 100 Uploads Milestone :)

    Congratulations. :party: :D
  11. DebuJalanan

    Rainy Days in Jakarta

    View: https://youtu.be/C540VzNZgPs
  12. DebuJalanan

    YouTube News 150+ Copyright Claims Against YT Creator Covering Anime

    His team work on one video per week, so yes 150 videos mean 3 years of work. Youtube can't be blamed for removing his videos. They have to follow Japan's rules, otherwise they would be banned there. o_O
  13. DebuJalanan

    Lifestyle Channel Come and Make Your Day Colorfull

    Met gabung di forum TubeBuddy, Bang Ilham. :blush:
  14. DebuJalanan

    Need Advice Info Cards: Good or Bad?

    I've just found out that End Screen Card is not available for vertikal videos. So, I think Info Card is a nice backup option when End Screen Card is not available.
  15. DebuJalanan

    Need Advice Info Cards: Good or Bad?

    I use them both. I use them both. I put the Info Card, 30 seconds before the video ended, while the End Screen Card takes the last 20 seconds of the video. Maybe it's a wrong strategy. But I just have to try it.
  16. DebuJalanan

    Need Advice Info Cards: Good or Bad?

    I just start using the cards. Lol. I put them at the end of my videos. Off course, if my viewers don't watch the videos until the end, the won't see them. :laughing:
  17. DebuJalanan

    Some Funny Quotes

    View: https://youtu.be/Ntda0QTu5YE
  18. DebuJalanan

    Official Celebrate Your Channel Successes!

    I can't see the video. I've tried 3 times.
  19. DebuJalanan

    Comedy Channel I am a newbie on youtube. Hello, all. Nice to join this group.

    Selamat bergabung di forum TubeBuddy, Bang Red. :D
  20. DebuJalanan

    Entertainment Channel Sunset Lover

    Selamat bergabung, Mas Brow... Ane juga suka sunset. :D