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  1. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Question How do I develop trending/evergreen video ideas for a cooking channel?

    How often should one be posting to garner views every day? I find it difficult to publish new content every week. What are some ways to supplement content in between?
  2. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I started to share my journey to improving my golf game. This is warping into sharing my game play instead...
  3. golfwithjohn

    Video Review Video Review for Golf Every Shot Channel

    This is a very helpful. I appreciate the feedback. Do you find the intro necessary to give you some background info on the course?
  4. golfwithjohn

    Video Review Video Review for Golf Every Shot Channel

    User name: golfwithjohn Title of thread: Video Review for Golf Every Shot Channel Self review: I'm having trouble with drop off rates. People are watching and clicking on the thumbnails so I think they're interested but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. Maybe the pace is too slow? I...
  5. golfwithjohn

    Channel Review Random Lifestyle Vlogs first year as a channel! We need your feedback

    I love the consistency and high output of videos. Great thumbnail images. I would say if the text could be bigger, it'll be easier to read. I had this same exact issue as well. I thought I made the font size big enough but when looking at it through a phone, the font was barely legible. I...
  6. golfwithjohn


    Nice that was some dope editing. You're really good with the snipe! Loved the transitions.
  7. golfwithjohn

    Subscriber Milestone Awesome friend ❤

    How do I unlock my custom URL? I currently have 101 subscribers but in the Basic Info section, I don't see any link to actually update it? I even got the YT notice saying congrats on 100 Am I doing something wrong?
  8. golfwithjohn

    Subscriber Milestone Reach my goal of 100 subs + 4 videos!

    I'm extremely proud of myself to stick with filming, editing, and posting 4 golf videos in the past 2 months. My goal before Dec 31 was to reach 100 subs and I just crossed that last night. The reason 100 sub was an important milestone for those newer YT'er is that you're able to customize your...
  9. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Question Do I have to tell YouTube if I'm selling my own merchandise on my channel?

    Same. When I watch other golf channels most of them are selling their own apparel and promoting the links in the description or cards, but no where does it say paid promotions. I guess nobody is paying them to upload those links so it's technically true.
  10. golfwithjohn

    Need Advice Youtube Earnings

    What a great thread! It was an educational read about everyone's experience with adsense + YT monetization. Personally I hate youtube ads!!! it ruins the flow and I have to wait 6 seconds so I can quickly go back to the video. As a Golf channel, I'm thinking of creating my own merch and selling...
  11. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Tips YouTube SEO: Hashtags and Youtube Links to Build

    Thanks for the post. Great use of hashtags and something I should start doing. Loved the idea of going back to older post and refreshing those to give it new life +views :D. Question about your links to YT. Does it matter if I use a service like Bit.ly to shorten them? Will this have a negative...
  12. golfwithjohn

    Need Advice What do you think about my YT strategy

    This is a great point. I'm on video 3 but I think it's trending okay. I'll need to keep an eye on what time people drop, because they do... and see if that lines with when the actual content start vs intros. Thank you for your feedback
  13. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    Yes, I thought multiple times if I should upload my 1st, 2nd and even 3rd video. I don't know what people would think or how they would view me after watching. But I find filming and editing fun so I'm still doing it!
  14. golfwithjohn

    Need Advice What do you think about my YT strategy

    I love this idea! Yes, this can be a good way for me to introduce other videos and do some SEO work!
  15. golfwithjohn

    Need Advice What do you think about my YT strategy

    New YT'er with 3 videos. My channel is about my progress in golf and sharing my game (every shot of golf with tracer). So far, the videos all have an intro and extro with my every shot in the middle. I add background music to it and remove all sounds besides the golf ball hitting part. 2...
  16. golfwithjohn

    YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel

    Yes! Reading/watching youtube content creation strategies, they mentioned the big part of YT playlist is, instead of users actively clicking and watching, they're automatically watching the next video and have to "actively" move away from it if they don't want to watch. This little shift...
  17. golfwithjohn

    Subscriber Milestone Awesome friend ❤

    Congrats on the 80 subs! So close I'm trying to get to 100 for that exact reason :D
  18. golfwithjohn

    Channel Milestone Video milestone

    Congrats! How often are you posting? I'm only on 2 so you're far ahead but I can't wait for the growth once I post 20 too!
  19. golfwithjohn

    Need Advice What should be my next step after optimising my channel?

    What a win-win situation for those who work with you. It's like a paid internship. One good advice I received when I was finding roommates for my home was "put up an ad with few steps. If the potential renter doesn't follow each step, then disqualify them. If they can't follow simple orders, how...