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    Hey folks check out my new video about the Iphone XI leak and Windows RDP Holes!

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    Unboxing of the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ controller!

    Please let me know what you think maybe something I can fix! View:
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    Automotive I am approaching 100 Subs!

    Thank you to everyone that has helped me get this far! To me, this is the first major milestone! Thank you to tubebuddy for helping me get this far! The tag system helps a bunch and I am moving up! Its taken about 3 months to get to 100 subs but hope things will increase in speed! Thank you so much!
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    Hey everyone new Segment I have been working on!

    Please let me know what you think! The Legend of Zelda 1986/1987 Review! View:
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    Viewer Level for Super Mario Maker 2!!

    Please let me know what you think! View:
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    Ryzen Gen 3

    New Video on the pricing and release of Ryzen Gen 3! View:
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    All about the Nintendo Switch Lite

    What are your thoughts? View:
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    Raspberry Pi 4 Price, Specs, and More! 123Geek Tech Ep.3

    Raspberry Pi 4 Price, Specs, and More! Please check it out! View:
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    Mario Maker 2 Review!

    Please enjoy folks! View:
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    Toy Story 4 Review and Score!

    I saw the new TS4 and it was pretty awesome check it out, folks! View:
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    Nintendo Switch Mini Leaked?! Find out in my newest video!

    This is exciting! I hope its true! View:
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    So does anyones else get stuck at 95% processed?

    I often find myself stuck at 95% processed on youtube video uploads. Its very strange it happens more with my longer videos but it happens often with any kind of video I upload. Is this a known bug? Does anyone else have this issue?
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    Top Picks for E3 2019! Its a long one folks grab some popcorn!

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    How many subs would we have?

    How many subs would we have if we all subbed to each other's youtube channels? How many active members are there on Tube Buddy?
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    Mac Pro The Grate and Powerful Cheese Grater!

    Taste the amazing melty cheese! View:
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    Dauntless and Observation Review!

    Fixed my tech issues! View:
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    Hey New Video Spring Anime Review!

    It's about OPM Season 2, Rising of the shield Hero, Fruits Basket 2019! Be kind something is up with my editing software and it screwed up my sound :( View:
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    Who else drinks coffee creamer?

    I can't help myself when I go to a cafe I drink the little unsweet coffee creamers. >.> do I have a problem?
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    Subscriber Milestone First 50 Subs!

    It felt like a struggle just to get to 50 lol! Anyway, I'm going to keep at it!