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    Taking Magnesium For Depression

    I have recentlyI have recently discovered that magnesium can ease the symptoms of depression and insomnia within weeks. I have started taking mine and I can't wait to do the update video in two weeks. View:
  2. SocialAnxietyAnd Me

    Please Watch My New Mental Health Video!

    Hey mental health warriors! In todays video I talk about depression and getting out of your comfort zone in order to speed up your recovery process. View:
  3. SocialAnxietyAnd Me

    New Video!

    In this video I give a bit of insight into how severe this disorder is and how it affects me and my quality of life. I had a good laugh at myself when I was editing this video. I think I may be starting to like myself just a little bit LOL. View:
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    Other Milestone 30 Videos!

    Good Day Everyone! I have now posted 30 videos on my channel. I am still very new to this but having these milestones is a huge encouragement to me. Have a wonderful day!
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    still saying I need a badge to post here

    Theres a huge banner that comes up and says I need a badge to post here. Why?
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    Vlog Channel Mental Health Awareness Month!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Janine. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to mental health. The reason I started this channel was to gain more confidence and self esteem. I also see it as a form of talking therapy because I can't afford psychotherapy. I am enjoying doing these videos. It really is...