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  1. Aaron

    Technology News Cine Gear Expo LA

    Cine Gear Expo was going on this weekend (Exhibits from May 31st to June 1st) Pretty much all of the major players in the Cinema world show up (ARRI, Panavision, Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic etc...) Literally everything from Cameras to Lights and even Vehicles designed to aid with production...
  2. Aaron

    Movies Who has seen the Bumblebee Movie?

    I know its not out in Japan yet but who here has actually gone to see the movie? Transformers is literally my #1 love so I've gone to see the movie literally over 11 times now including the Early Screening I went to. Anyone else enjoyed it as much as me :heart_eyes:?
  3. Aaron

    Planned Cat Faces

    I'd love to have the cat faces :3
  4. Aaron

    Service BecomeAPrime's Professional Digital Media Services

    Any questions? Drop me a PM or Reply.