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  1. meaariz

    YouTube Question Question about uploading videos as a 'draft' ..

    I am having exactly the same problem. It is becoming a real nuisance to then have to switch on my laptop each time and go through the process to publish!
  2. meaariz

    TubeBuddy Any chat group for youtuber ?

    i think tubebuddy community is best chatting board ever made.
  3. meaariz

    YouTube Question Shorts views

    Same happening with me too, i think that is all about youtube algo
  4. meaariz

    YouTube Question How much should hiring a professional SEO specialist REALLY cost?

    If you are considering working with an SEO consultant, you should expect to spend over $100 an hour for a professional worth your time that can generate results for your business.
  5. meaariz

    YouTube Question Where can I get software to help with storyboarding & scripts?

    There are several software options available for creating storyboards and scripts for your videos. Some popular options include: Adobe Story: This is a scriptwriting and storyboarding software that allows you to format scripts and create visual storyboards. It is available as a standalone...
  6. meaariz

    YouTube Help Why is my channel getting half views of last year?

    There could be a variety of reasons why your channel is getting fewer views than it did last year. Here are a few possibilities: Increased competition: There may be more channels in your niche now than there were last year, making it more difficult to stand out and attract viewers. Algorithm...
  7. meaariz

    Camera Gear Vlogging camera advice newbie

    When looking for a vlogging camera as a newbie, there are a few key things to consider. First, you'll want to look for a camera with good video quality, ideally at least 1080p resolution. Second, you'll want to find a camera with a flip-out screen so you can easily see yourself while filming...
  8. meaariz

    Work In Progress AI Description Generating Tool

    That is really cool stuff to know. tubebuddy will be at next level as tool for youtube creators. you guys are already doing a great job. more and more suggestion are coming meanwhile, like i am interested to have a TubeBuddy desktop app for creating videos directly from my desktop and...
  9. meaariz

    Gaming Channel Aariz Aamir From Aariz Pro Gaming Channel

    Thanks a lot. its such a welcoming community . getting so much love
  10. meaariz

    Gaming Channel Aariz Aamir From Aariz Pro Gaming Channel

    Thanks a lot for your support, i am using canva for some of my thumbnails. however your suggestions are warmly welcomed.
  11. meaariz

    Work In Progress AI Description Generating Tool

    Hi, We are seeing a lot development in the field of Text AI, I think integration with previous AI techs or generating new one is the call of the hour. I suggest to the team that please think about it .
  12. meaariz

    Lifestyle Channel Motivational speech channel

    Hi Dear, Just Recently Joined the forum. its a great place to introduce ourselves and grow together
  13. meaariz

    Gaming Channel Aariz Aamir From Aariz Pro Gaming Channel

    User name: meaariz Title of introduction: Aariz Aamir From Aariz Pro Gaming Channel Your name/ Alias: Aariz Where are you from? Pakistan How did you find TubeBuddy? Google search What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Meet Other Fellows and Grow Together What would you like to accomplish...