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  1. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Answered Adding Your Channel To Tubebuddy and getting videos deleted

    When you add your channel to Tubebuddy, why do they want to delete some of your videos? Jessica
  2. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Life Happy New Year!

    Everyone, Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Jessica
  3. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone 150

    Well, I am happy to say I reached my goal.
  4. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Instagram Will There Be A Direct Link?

    Does anyone think in the future, YouTube will have a direct link to Instagram? Jessica
  5. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Work In Progress Best Free Thumbnail Apps

    What's the best free thumbnail apps for YouTube? Jessica
  6. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone 60 Uploads

    Now, I have 60 uploads.
  7. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media TikTok

    Does YouTube have a direct link to TikTok? Jessica
  8. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone 80

  9. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone 70

    I reached 70 subscribers!
  10. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Question Tubebuddy Milestones

    I noticed lately that whenever I check my Tubebuddy Milestones, they don't show up. It says no new subscribers, no new videos in the last thirty days. What is going on?
  11. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Question YouTube No Longer On IMovie App?

    I tried to looking for my YouTube app on IMovie and could not find it. Why was it taken off? Will it come back on? Jessica
  12. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Gear Question Dakason Ring Light With Stand

    Does anyone have the Dakason Ring Light with stand? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Did you have any good or bad experiences with it? Jessica
  13. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone Ten FaceBook Likes

    For my recent video 'The Family Dinner,' I received 10 likes from FaceBook. Jessica
  14. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone Question About Video Milestone Uploading

    A few days ago, I posted that I uploaded 50 videos. When I typed in Tubebuddy/milesstones and I typed in my name I couldn't find that I posted 50 uploads. Why is that? I am confused.
  15. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone 50 Videos

    Now, I have 50 videos uploaded. Jessica
  16. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Social Media Sharee, Trinding, & Drummitup

    Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with Sharee, Trinding, & Drummitup? Are they even legit? I haven't signed up for them, because I am skeptical about them. I would like to hear from anyone including board monitors. Jessica
  17. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone 60

    Today, I got 60 subscribers. Is there a way I could get a print out? Jessica
  18. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other Milestone Ten Likes

    Recently, on my channel I posted a video 'Little Dog Lost.' I just saw it got ten likes. Jessica
  19. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Other YouTube Shorts Or Short Stories

    Has anyone had any success with getting on the YouTube Shorts Or Short Stories on the mobile app version? How do you go about getting on there? Have you gotten more views or subscribers? Jessica