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  1. laurenproctor

    Opinion Cats

    I don't have one, but when I can't sleep at night I watch YouTube videos of this one kitten and puppy who are growing up together. If you're interested the channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/c/KiSHLog
  2. laurenproctor

    Other Selling printed oil paintings vs selling the original

    Gosh. It's hard to say which way to go. Is it possible to try both and see what catches on? For example, you might use prints to get wider circulation and then charge more for originals. As a customer, I'd say 10 years ago I would have only been able to afford your prints. Now as I start to...
  3. laurenproctor

    Life Have you learnt any new skills during the lockdown ?

    I love this question. Apparently it's also what Mark Cuban now asks people he's interviewing to see how they react in tough situations. I personally learned patience and persistence. I also learned that above all, if we focus on what we love then it's much easier to keep pushing when the going...
  4. laurenproctor

    Gear Question Mevo Plus Any Good?

    I'm hearing everyone talk about the Mevo Plus camera for livestreaming. Has anyone ever used the camera? If so, what do you think? Pros, cons, things to watch out for? Also, if you have an alternative recommendation I'm all ears.
  5. laurenproctor

    Gear Question What program do you use to record?

    If I'm livestreaming, I use OBS and pipe the stream out to twitch, YouTube, etc. If I am uploading the video after recording, I usually use Camtasia (with Screenflow as a close second).
  6. laurenproctor

    YouTube Opinion Are you planning to monetize your channel?

    I'm not focusing on monetization first, but monetization is definitely motivating. For my personal channel, I'm casual about it. My primary goal is to be helpful. When it comes to other properties though, I'm more interested in driving revenue. In most cases this isn't directly through YouTube...
  7. laurenproctor

    YouTube Question Frequency of New Video.

    I hadn't ever let videos sit for 48 - 72 hours before uploading another one, but that makes sense. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to schedule new videos so they're spaced out better in the future.
  8. laurenproctor

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I heard about you from a friend. If they hadn't have told me about you I think I would have learned about you from every single blog ever written about great YouTube tools. You have a great rep.
  9. laurenproctor

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    I'm also a cheap YouTuber. My first investment (other than my computer and the iPhone I already have) is going to be a gimbal or tripod so I can do something other than record from my computer and/or prop up my iPhone on a stack of books. lol.
  10. laurenproctor

    Educational Channel Marketer having fun sharing knowledge on YouTube

    User name: laurenproctor Title of introduction: Marketer having fun sharing knowledge on YouTube Your name/ Alias: Lauren Proctor Where are you from? New York City, NY How did you find TubeBuddy? I heard about TubeBuddy from a friend. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I just learned...