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  1. Sparta

    Thumbnail Feedback music beats thumbnail

    i also start to believe like that, i edited all my thumbnails for a week and i dont see any good difference, i think ill revert them back to how it was and keep making the initial content good instead of the looks. thanks
  2. Sparta

    Channel Review Review of my Music Channel

    Hey there, thank you so much for the review and feedback i will work on it. Much love and blessings!
  3. Sparta

    Channel Review Review of my Music Channel

    Hey, thank you so much for the feedback, i like the idea of subscribe call to action... ill edit all my videos with that and try to add subscribe icon on the videos too. Unfortunaly i dont have enough playtime and views and subscribers to monetize yet but we'll get there. much love!
  4. Sparta

    Channel Review Review of my Music Channel

    Thank ya sir, i appreciate it, i believe consistency and time will reveal more about my success as you said, trial and error. Peace and love.
  5. Sparta

    Channel Review Review of my Music Channel

    User name: Sparta Title of thread: Review of my Music Channel Self review: I would like to get a review feedback on my youtube music channel where i focus on music beats, i personally believe i am on the right path, specially now after i redid my descriptions,titles and so on, but maybe im...
  6. Sparta

    Answered Newbie - keyword explorer with free plan?

    for me at the beginning i could do multiple searches but then i got a message that i cant do more key word searches on free starter plan, although the next day it let me do again free keyword searches, but it was super worth it to buy the premium plan, i had to upgrade to star! it is so helpful...
  7. Sparta

    Thumbnail Feedback music beats thumbnail

    hey there this is an example of one of my thumbnail on my channel that i post free music beats i use tubebuddy for the text cuz its great enough looking text, would like some feedback ofcourse :)
  8. Sparta

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    its hard because u dont have built a fan base that help you boost you to the search engine and all that, its not just posting videos and adding tags,keywords etc, its engangement and connection with the viewers and creatin a fanbase 'community' that likes ur content and watches it and not just...
  9. Sparta

    Movies/TV Do You have a favourite YouTuber?

    most of my favorite youtube channels are those of people i know online 'personally' and talked to which i look up to, or to channels that helped me with my journey in life in general. Other channels are music,meditation channels like power thoughts medidation club, and i do like mostly music...
  10. Sparta

    Subscriber Milestone 200 to go would be a lovely christmas present to get 1k

    keep it up! looks like u are doing and u are on the right path.
  11. Sparta

    Need Advice Video vs Best For Viewer

    i use most recent video so they check my most recent uploads, but it can be different depending on the content i post, like add something specific to watch or similar to the curent video is a great idea too
  12. Sparta

    Need Advice Its okey if in one week i just upload one video ?

    i personally believe at the beginning you should post multiple times a day if u want to progress faster and then when u get to couple hundreds of subs or thousand u can schedule a seirous schedule for once a week, but im no familiar with mowing land and garden videos i dont know the 'ideas' that...
  13. Sparta

    Video Review Please Review My Short Horror Film

    I believe the video presentation is awesome, it would been much reviewable if you had sounds and music, ambienceon the background, i can barely hear anything. Specially at the intro, something cinematic, 'thrilling' that catches our attention and goes along with the video scenes, meaning not...
  14. Sparta

    Music Channel Hello TubeBuddies!

    User name: Sparta Title of introduction: Hello TubeBuddies! Your name/ Alias: Spartakos Where are you from? Germany How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube and Google research about improving my youtube channel What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To improve my youtube channel and learn...