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  1. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice The best feature in tubebuddy

    For me so far the keyword search tool has been invaluable. I've learned a lot from it.
  2. Moto Mengy

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    For me gas isn't an issue. I have a motovlog channel so riding the bike is both necessary AND the entire point of it all! :cool:
  3. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    That's interesting, and something I've been contemplating recently. I have a motovlog channel and I've been pondering how to "niche down" in motovlogging, or if it's even a viable tactic. Or if I'd even really want to. I think its far easier to do this in some genres than others.
  4. Moto Mengy

    YouTube Tips Can someone tell me why this channel growing so fast?

    James Jani is making financial related content for Youtube, it's the golden genre right now. Even crappy financial channels are doing okay currently. Doesn't hurt that his videos are high quality either. I'm not qualified to do make a financial channel, I just don't have the knowledge, but if...
  5. Moto Mengy

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    So far I just have a GoPro Hero 8 and a $20 GoPro accessory kit. And that's all I plan to buy unless my channel starts making me money. Now, if my channel DOES become a revenue stream, well then I could certainly see me reinvesting the proceeds into improving the channel's quality. Maybe buy...
  6. Moto Mengy

    YouTube Question What do people think about hiding your subscriber count?

    I thought about hiding my sub count at the beginning, I know a few other motovlog channels which do. In the end I decided to show it simply because when I see a channel with hidden subs I get a suspicious feeling, and I didn't want that feeling associated with my channel. Might sound strange...
  7. Moto Mengy

    Answered TubeBuddy not loading with multiple YouTube tabs

    This just started a few days ago, but TubeBuddy no longer loads with multiple chrome Youtube tabs for me. See below pic: The left window has my channel account loaded and TB is loading too, but if I pop open a second chrome tab with Youtube in it then TB does not load like it should. I've...
  8. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice Should I use a tag that have search volume but low score or high search volume but low score?

    This is a question I wondered about as well. For my last couple videos I tagged strictly using high weighted tags with above average search volume. Some of the tags seemed dumb to me but I used them anyway. Turns out people don't search in Youtube like I think they would, looks like a LOT of...
  9. Moto Mengy

    Subscriber Milestone 100 subscribers and 2000+ views!

    Well, in the past two days I've hit two channel milestones: 100 subscribers and 2000+ views! Only 15 days ago I was so incredibly happy I hit 50 subs, now I crossed the 100 subs milestone, that was MUCH faster than I expected! It will be curious to see if the growth accelerates or...
  10. Moto Mengy

    YouTube Tips To Intro Or Not To Intro, That Is The Question

    For my videos I like putting a nice short teaser at the start, followed by my "intro" or channel logo with music for like 6 seconds, and then the motovlog. Something to grab the viewer's interest as fast as possible. Which is also why I keep my intro short and to the point, I don't want to...
  11. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice Increase subscribers and views

    Yep, exactly this. The kicker is that accomplishing this takes time, experience, and solid commitment. Very few start out hitting all of these points, most of us need to learn by doing and progressively get better at this in order to even really begin hitting all of these points. The most...
  12. Moto Mengy

    YouTube News NEW YOUTUBE FEATURE! When your viewers are on YouTube!

    Overall analytics. That spot doesn't show at all for my individual video analytics.
  13. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice How to get your first 10 subscirbers?

    Interesting video. Makes sense I guess, the more lures in the water the more chances of catching fish after all. Maybe I need to rethink my strategy of one video per week and try to increase that a bit. Although I might be better to put my efforts into making higher quality videos first, and...
  14. Moto Mengy

    YouTube News NEW YOUTUBE FEATURE! When your viewers are on YouTube!

    I think you need a certain amount of subs or views for this feature to show. For example, my analytics page does not show this information, it instead gives me the message "Not enough viewer data to show this report" in the spot where the chart should display. I wonder what the cutoff is for...
  15. Moto Mengy

    Need Advice How to get your first 10 subscirbers?

    150 videos, at my 1 vid per week that's going to take me 3 years! Your sentiment is correct though, consistently upload good quality vids on topics people want to see (or just entertaining vids), over time the subs should come.
  16. Moto Mengy

    Channel Milestone 1000 Views on my channel now, WOOT!

    Just passed this milestone today: I honestly hadn't realized I was even close to 1K views until I noticed this while eating my breakfast. For a two month old channel by a newbie like me I'm pretty happy with this! Next one is 1500 views, feels like that will take some time.
  17. Moto Mengy

    Subscriber Milestone 50 Subscribers!

    Yep I just crossed 50 subs recently too, it's a wonderful feeling! Congrats!
  18. Moto Mengy

    YouTube SEO Do tags still mean anything on YouTube?

    It seems to me like tags and keywords are interchangeable. The Tag section itself might not mean as much as it used to, but those tags are keywords which should be utilized in the title, description, and even the speech in the video itself. All four together can work in concert to potentially...
  19. Moto Mengy

    TubeBuddy Tips The power of TubeBuddy and keyword research

    That's the trick I guess: thinking about search outside the box. What I feel is a typical search phrase is different than how lots of people are actually searching for things. Takes a lot of keyword hunting and trial & error to find decent candidates. I'm finding myself spending a LOT of time...