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  1. Sanz007

    Whats ur favorite Character in Game?

    My fav Jett from Valorant :grinning:
  2. Sanz007

    YouTube Tips How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

    Like a upload videos 1-2 per day
  3. Sanz007

    Need Advice Which Intro Do You Like?

    like a Cyberpunk themes LOL
  4. Sanz007

    YouTube Tips Hello guys. what else should i do?

    Cover populars song
  5. Sanz007


    i love it too
  6. Sanz007

    Music Whats ur favorite Song?

    My favorite song Beautiful in white :D
  7. Sanz007

    Opinion Whats ur Favorite Comic?

    My favorite comic One piece and Attack on Titan:grinning:
  8. Sanz007

    Gaming What is your favorite game?

    My fav games? Valorant and Rise of Kingdoms :D