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  1. ParayHD

    YouTube Question Captioning. How long does it take YOU?

    Captioning takes so much time...It makes me hate the whole process of editing which should be rather fun.
  2. ParayHD

    YouTube Opinion Have you been uploading following your schedule?

    Initially I thought of doing some news trending stuffs on my channel where I knew I would be posting everyday, but the truth is that I Just love to create content on my own. Creating personal content moves slowly within a period of time unlike trending stuffs, that automatically means that I...
  3. ParayHD

    Opinion Who has lost a Job during this Pandemic??

    That't true..Similar with me. The situation has made me to be so focused on youtube because it may be a saving grace one day. Cheers
  4. ParayHD

    Subscriber Milestone Michael James Lets Get Geared Up

    This is lovely...Isn't it. Keep it up
  5. ParayHD

    Channel Milestone 400 SUBSCRIBERS!!

    Goodluck buddy. Keep Going
  6. ParayHD

    YouTube Help End cards - how soon should i start adding end cards?

    Keep posting...Youtube is all about consistency. Cheers
  7. ParayHD

    YouTube Question Does changing the year to each video improve search ranking?

    Yea I believe because if you make the change in the title of video. Coz a lot of people use "year" when searching
  8. ParayHD

    How-To Channel How To Fix Your House By Yourself

    Please how can one get the youtube button on post..Help Pls
  9. ParayHD

    Opinion Who has lost a Job during this Pandemic??

    As a Student in the UK..I know what this pandemic has done to a whole lot of people. Student Job has totally crashed, not just only student I know so many people that has been laid of in the last couple of weeks and months ago.....And I'm just thinking, What's the future of work? Will we ever...
  10. ParayHD

    Vlog Channel Creativity

    User name: ParayHD Title of introduction: Creativity Your name/ Alias: ParayHD Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? Through Youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Just to get in contact with other creatives What would you like to accomplish with your channel...