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  1. Coding in Flow

    Suggested Please fix "Show Comments"

    Your new "find comments" filter in the Studio Beta comments tab is really not good. Your previous implementation in Creator Studio Classic was much better. First of all, 100 comments maximum is way too little. I use this feature daily in Studio Classic to check for responses on old comments from...
  2. Coding in Flow

    Strategy Linking the next part of a video series - detrimental?

    Hey guys, I create programming tutorials and when I make a video series, I always put a link to the next part as the only end card into the video's end screen (next to the subscribe icon). For me that made sense. But now that I thought about it, I wonder if it's pointless or even detrimental...
  3. Coding in Flow

    Seeking Advice These little overlay animations with url + social media links

    Hello, my channel Coding in Flow is growing pretty fast and I am getting over 3k subs per month now. But I am a total noob when it comes to branding. For months I didn't even mention the channel name in the videos and they were 100% plain. My users like that becaues I make programming tutorials...
  4. Coding in Flow

    Seeking Advice I have absolutely no intro, should I change it?

    Hello, I make programming tutorials and my channel is growing pretty quickly. After 6 months I have over 5000 subscribers and I am happy with that. But I realized that my videos are completely raw. I have no intro and don't even mention my channel name anywhere in the video. I just get straight...
  5. Coding in Flow

    Seeking Advice What are the drawbacks of a "series playlist"

    Hello, should i only put videos into a series playlist, which really dont work without each other (ie. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3...) or should i also put videos there, that really work well together but dont necessarily build upon each other? Thanks for your advice