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    Suggested Post & Pin 1st comment on a live video.

    Not sure if this is possible, but would be very helpful. YT doesn't allow a comment on a private or scheduled video, but if TB had the ability to post a scheduled comment on that single video once the video went live would be wonderful. To pin the comment too would be even better. On the...
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    Suggested Filter comments - sort by oldest / newest & most thumbs up

    Could we have a sort by oldest/newest in the comment advanced filter? Started by [dropdown] that [dropdown] and contain [dropdown] show [dropdown] oldest/newest [dropdown] thumbsup [dropdown] GO Oldest to Newest: We try to answer everyone, but as soon as we answer one...
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    Suggested Canned Post with a Link to a Video or Playlist.

    Would love to have the ability to reply to a comment and add a video/playlist link. I get questions all the time that I have already made a video on. Right now we have a link to a search query, but it would be great to be able to pick from a list. Thanks.