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  1. The Jungle Explorer

    Bug Error "One or more search rank is not available why?"

    So, I have been seeing this more and more lately on my videos and I don't know what is causing it. "One or more search rank is not available why?" The word WHY in the error message is hyperlinked to a page that does not exist, so I have no clue why I am getting this error. Can anyone help?
  2. The Jungle Explorer

    Suggested Recommended Tags only showing a few LOW scores. WHY?

    So, I know this is a new feature, and maybe they are still refining it, but I was wondering if what I am seeing is right. Underneath the "Tag Tools" there is another box called "Recommended Tags ". It has a bunch of tags related to the video. In my case there a few scores that show on about 6...
  3. The Jungle Explorer

    Question Help understand Social Bluebook?

    So I signed up for Social Bluebook well over a year ago just to kind of see where my channel is at value wise. Since then my channel has grown by 300%. My values did go up at first as my channel was growing, but about 6 months ago they stared dropping and have now gone down to lower then the...