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  1. Ehtisham Muhammad

    In Progress OMG, What happed to my account?

    Hello @Andrew I'm very sad and worried that TubeBuddy Banned me for using their serves. I know reason. I'm Also join TubeBuddy Affiliate program. I'm 100% Sure that I never try To cheat the system so please give me my account back. I will be very happy if you give me please I am very worried...
  2. Ehtisham Muhammad

    Suggested Bulk Like and Hearted on a video

    First of all, I am apologize I am little weak in English, therefore, try to understand me what I want to say. I don't know is it possible or not, However, I recommend to the developers of the TubeBuddy to add a feature that allows the users To like all comments with a single click on YouTube...
  3. Ehtisham Muhammad

    How-To Channel Hi Everyone I I'm new here welcome Me.

    Hello, friends, my name is Ehtisham Muhammad. I am from Punjab, Pakistan. I came to know about TubeBuddy on youtube. My favorite TubeBuddy tool is tag explorer. I joined this forum to know about helpful Youtube tips and tricks. I start YouTube for fun and to earn my name. I run a channel My...