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  1. Creator Fundamentals

    Community Amazon com affiliates & small channels

    My guess is they are not closing an account producing a lot of traffic. Are you getting a lot of sales in a month? I ask because instead of having to keep re-opening your account, perhaps you can find a strategy to increase sales so they will keep it open regardless of subscriber count. It is...
  2. Creator Fundamentals

    New Tubebuddy's Tags are not working

    If this is your channel, View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPGJ41AGpBM , there is some opportunity to improve the way you are doing keyword research.
  3. Creator Fundamentals

    Question Where do you all find background music?

    Ive been happy using Epidemic Sound. There is some legit good music on there.
  4. Creator Fundamentals

    Educational Channel Hello Everyone! Dan Currier from Creator Fundamentals

    Hello everyone! I your YouTube channels are treating you well. Your name/alias: My name is Dan Currier Where are you from?: I am from Upstate, NY How did you find TubeBuddy!? It came to me in a dream What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?: All of them What made you join our forums?: I love me...