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  1. yeo0308

    Affiliate Question Android Installation problem and Affiliate link

    Hi @Phil and @Andrew 1. Why Tubebuddy cannot be installed on some android phones? The android version passed the requirement. I always have this kind of question to people i referred to. 2. Does affiliate links works on android phones or Google Chrome extensions only? 3. A lot of those who...
  2. yeo0308

    New How do I get My TubeBuddy User Rank Ribbons (Forum Badges)?

    Hi @Andrew what can you say about this?
  3. yeo0308

    New Can't Redeem my Redemption Code

    Thanks! I have another issue! I hope you can help me here!
  4. yeo0308

    Educational Channel Children's Songs

    Hello everyone, I'm Joey, Filipino but I'm presently working here in Cambodia as a teacher. I learned about Tube buddy when I watch big time You Tubers. I tried it and installed later because i really like the tagging and the Thumbnail options I upgraded my two channels to pro. I joined this...