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  1. Janiel's MOM show

    Embarrassing moments in sex education

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHuP4NZjs2A&t=2s
  2. Janiel's MOM show

    Types of teachers (comedy}

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XECFMjhqZA&t=5s Im still new :p on this hope make you laugh.
  3. Janiel's MOM show

    Solved Have a question.?

    I use to upload in the promo area now it said can not use it do not have insufficient privileges way? Or what a need to do?
  4. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel My apologizes introduce my self in the wrong way.

    Yesterday I saw NicK Nimmin introducing him self and he did it so cool I imitated his introduction cause a told it was the right way to do it my bad I'm sorry . So here's my introduction. My name is Janiel I'm from Massachusetts and my mother found Tubebuddy in YouTube. My favorite tool is...
  5. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Hello there everyone hey good updates tubebuddy.

    HEY everyone, I'm Janiel my channel in base in comedy, vlogs and more like to do a lillte of everything. To be honest don't know what my channel is gonna be but trying to fine my self in to it. Been in Tubebuddy for couple of months don't enter every day like I would like to but making my best ...
  6. Janiel's MOM show

    Hello everyone..to much school but here I'm with my Las video.

    Welcome if you drop in to see my video.. been I lilltle busy on school ..but there's always time to vids...hope you like it and if you do leave your support and #SUBSCRIBE. My videos are based on comedy but one other is vlogs and games . I'm a big fan of anime too, and you will notice cause on...
  7. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel What a should my channel should be gaming or comedy..?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eqOrbjUl_0
  8. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Goodnight everyone Halloween is coming..

    This is my Halloween video from this week. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXZhojNOess
  9. Janiel's MOM show

    Suggested Tubebuddy be more like Facebook or Twitter.

    Hello everyone on Tubebuddy, this is my simple suggestion.. Yes Tubebuddy most be something like Facebook, where people can connect not just youtubers . Everyone can be posting and sending messages something like Twitter or fun like Snapchats with fun application we can use for personal or...
  10. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Scary night,,alone at home.

    My video lrom this week Halloween is coming soon..so wanted to make a scary funny video ..check it out . #subscribe #like #comment thank you. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXZhojNOess
  11. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel I need advices in what's better for my channel ?

    Hello there I'm Janiel I'm 13 and I'm learning in this world of YouTube lots of things. But need more to learn I like to do vlogs and comedy like to be different help me grow with your advices let me know what I can do better to make my channel grow and a good way .. Here's a couple of vids...
  12. Janiel's MOM show


    I invite everyone to my channel and don't be afraid to leave a comment and let my know what you like more my blogs or my comedy ..this video is a short video I made with my friend . View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU-3BFFZJ6o
  13. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Hello everyone it's time to grow ...

    Hello everyone my name is Janiel I'm 13 and I have a comedy ,entertainment and vlogging channel My mother is my biggest support and help me recording and editing my videos, sometimes she's appears in my videos as a puppet love her she makes my laugh too ,, in my last videos she docent come out...
  14. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel hello my friends ..learning to use all tools on tubebuddy

    HELLO everyone my channel is based on comedy, entertainment and vlogs , i like to do a little of everything just to keep my channel active, my mother is the one helping me with my channel that's way in my profile I have 49 years old LOL she forgot that detail , Im really 13 years I'm from...
  15. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Hello everyone I'm Janiel

    Hello everyone I'm Janiel new com --- Post updated --- Hello everyone I'm Janiel and I have a comedy channel , in my videos most of the time I have a crazy puppet name Maria and sometimes Angela .that puppet is my MOM yeahhh my mother, she's helping me with my channel she supervise every detail...
  16. Janiel's MOM show

    Entertainment Channel Janiel's Mom show

    Hello to all ( Saludos a todos) I invite all to take a look at my channel at YouTube is a family channel it comedy, little of parody, vlogging and show...les invito a ver nuestro canal es familiar ,tenemos comedia, parodia un poco de vlogging y un poco de show..
  17. Janiel's MOM show

    Comedy Channel Janiel's Mom show

    Good afternoon to all....i have a family channel .