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  1. Ceorge_Christofi

    Suggested Clarify position of result in Keyword Explorer.

    Just a suggestion but I think moving the wording of the results would make more sense and be easier to interpret. In the search below you can see what I mean regarding the position. It would clarify the meaning of the results somewhat as well. Take the middle result for competition. Low is...
  2. Ceorge_Christofi

    Build an AM radio transmitter. A simple how to video.

    My latest offering to the youtube world. Enjoy
  3. Ceorge_Christofi

    Seeking Advice A strategy change. Trying to appeal to a wider audience.

    I have been studying my figures for retention and audience. I would like to grow my audience into a direction that younger viewers.. (read under 30 for younger) might go for. At the moment. my videos get few views generally but the retention sits at between 40 and 60% on average. According to...
  4. Ceorge_Christofi

    Question Is it just me or.....

    Has anyone else found that even though restriction is set to off on a browser (bottom of the page) you are now having to click to watch age restricted or possible inappropriate videos? I thought it might be my main pc and all of the add ins on the browser but no, on a separate laptop, different...
  5. Ceorge_Christofi

    Question Is anyone else having trouble uploading thumbnails in the classic creator studio?

    Is anyone else having trouble uploading thumbnails in the classic creator studio? The reason I ask is that I create my thumbnails in photoshop and save them as png files. The last 3 or 4 videos where I have tried to upload a thumbnail either before or after the video has finished processing I...
  6. Ceorge_Christofi

    Orion A322 Fixing my Dads Radio

    So here is my latest offering. Its a part work but I have tried to keep it interesting!
  7. Ceorge_Christofi

    Channel Review I may be setting myself up for a beating. Tell me what you think.

    Ok. I think I'm ok. I'm not brilliant, I'm not the funniest, I'm not shocking and I don't swear on camera. I'm having some self doubts though. My channel is one that is fairly niche in the fact that I deal with old and new electronics but not in a funny or complicated way. So come on... Bring me...
  8. Ceorge_Christofi

    Seeking Advice Video series Titles. Change them up or leave them?

    I have just had a wild thought come into my head (it happens sometimes at my age). I am currently running a video series and for consistency I title the videos 'Jonell 1949 Tabletop Radio. Restore an old John Lewis radio Pt. 1' then 'Jonell 1949 Tabletop Radio. Restore an old John Lewis radio...
  9. Ceorge_Christofi

    Seeking Advice Growing with evergreen content.

    Hi all. Everywhere I go, every podcast, every tip video and every other YouTube expert is always saying that 'the first 3 days are the most important' for every video. In my case, I have to say that this is pretty much crap. My channel, along with those I follow regularly deals with old...
  10. Ceorge_Christofi

    Technology Channel Hi All

    Just drifted in after reading my email about the monetisation. Thought I'd pop in and see what was happening.