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  1. Bo Kauffmann

    New Tuber tools access

    Hi... from everything Ive read, I believe that as a paying Star-level member, I should be getting free access to ALL of Tuber Tools assets. (Thats the $20 per month value you mention) However the link I see takes me to the tube buddy page of limited tuber tools assets. How do I get access to...
  2. Bo Kauffmann

    Suggested Featured video promotion tab

    Hi.. when I tried the ΓÇ£PromotionΓÇ¥ tab in tube buddy, only the ΓÇ£Description PromotionΓÇ¥ is available. The ΓÇ£Featured Video PromoΓÇ¥ is not available for me, even though your training videos show it to be available. Is it a bug?
  3. Bo Kauffmann

    Question Replace an old video with an updated one?

    Hi. I posted a 'how to' video about 8 yrs ago. By my standards its pretty popular... (2,300 views..lol) but the techniques described in the video have now changed. Is there a way to replace an old, outdated video with a new one, or do I have to start from scratch?