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  1. LibertyLinks

    Life Some of the Tools I Use Every Day

    Splice is another paid app that I like to use to apply filters and stuff. Is Capcut free or paid?
  2. LibertyLinks

    Life Some of the Tools I Use Every Day

    There are a couple of tools I use on a daily basis when creating content. One would be Canva. It's a great help for creating Shorts, I may use Canva more then DaVinci Resolve since I'm really upping my Shorts game. Another valuable tool is the online Gateway Bible since so much of what I create...
  3. LibertyLinks

    Instagram Instagram and TikTok for YouTube Shorts?

    "The debate is... if you're going to get 100k views would you want 25k per channel or just 100k on 1 channel?" What do you mean by that?
  4. LibertyLinks

    Instagram Instagram and TikTok for YouTube Shorts?

    I have gotten into using both Instagram and TikTok as secondary platforms to grow an influencer/ YouTuber. The Shorts I put up on YouTube go up on the other platforms as well. Yea, this is a lot of work, but in the end its worth it if you're trying to get your skills in production to be seen by...
  5. LibertyLinks

    YouTube SEO Whare I'm At Now

    Yea, I've sometimes started getting 50 or more views of my shorts within 45 minutes of uploading. I also put these up on Instagram and TikTok. TikTok's actually taken off a little bit since I've started consistently uploading. I see two facture that are important for those who don't quite have...
  6. LibertyLinks

    YouTube SEO Whare I'm At Now

    I'm continuing to grow my channel content, focusing on shortform content on YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. My lack of understanding SEO is an ongoing frustration. I've gained some traction with Shorts rapidly picking up the views. There're a great way to keep your hands in the production...
  7. LibertyLinks

    YouTube Question When Do You Need the Paid Promotion Turned On?

    Thanks, I think I'll turn that on for my latest projects because I have a link to their site in the description. I would earn a commission so I guess I should have this on to be on the safe site.
  8. LibertyLinks

    YouTube Question When Do You Need the Paid Promotion Turned On?

    Recently I was approved as an ambassador with a clothing brand I like. My intention is to promote their company on my YouTube and try to earn a small commission from sales. My question is if I need to check the "Paid Promotion" box when setting up the video. When is this used. I just don't want...
  9. LibertyLinks

    Video Review Please Review My Travel Vlog Style Video

    User name: LibertyLinks Title of thread: Please Review My Travel Vlog Style Video Self review: This is a different style of content that I'm experimenting with. It's kind of what you have to do when you're trying to search for what type of content can take off. I did not film any of this...
  10. LibertyLinks

    Channel Review Would love some feedback on my channel

    I'm not at all a gamer but you made me really want to checkout it out with you're latest. That says a lot. Your screen record of the game is really great. How did you do your screen record? I've not found a good screen record app for my PC computer. Keep up the great work. Like I said, I've...
  11. LibertyLinks

    Need Advice Advice on Title

    Sometimes I teel like I'm overthinking when I'm brainstorming titles. For one of my latest projects I cam up with the following: " Man Accused of Killing His Mother ... Did He Do It? " To me this sparks curiosity (wondering if the guy was guilty or not ) and leads people to watch further to...
  12. LibertyLinks

    Thumbnail Feedback Which One Does More For You?

    Hey guys, I have here two thumbnail ideas for my project on wrongful convictions. I was looking for something moody and dark. I felt like the really dark one would almost be impossible to see on the YouTube app. The lighter one one is better. I'm purposely not putting any text on it because I'm...
  13. LibertyLinks

    YouTube SEO Subtitles

    YouTube suggests use of subtitles, but I can't figure out how it would be useful to my videos since for the most part there is no talking. I can't figure out how to do subtitles correctly. I don't even know right now if they're worth my time to know. The only reason I would is if YouTube puts it...
  14. LibertyLinks

    YouTube SEO Captions?

    YouTube is often recommending we put captions on our videos. They say it helps boost search rank as well as help visually impaired users. I wouldn't know how to go by setting the captions up, or how I'd use them. Any advice?
  15. LibertyLinks

    Channel Review How Can I Improve?

    That's an interesting idea. I might try that.
  16. LibertyLinks

    Other Resolve Questions

    Okay, I'll check those out. I don't know if you've heard of SkillShare or not. That's a great learning platform that has several excellent courses on resolve.
  17. LibertyLinks

    Other Resolve Questions

    I've not found a straightforward YouTube video on how to load effects into Resolve. I download elements from Envato Elements and try to follow instructions. Just can't get anywhere. If someone can provide simple, steps to getting a new transition loaded, that would be helpful.
  18. LibertyLinks

    Channel Review How Can I Improve?

    That was helpful advice. I've thought about experimenting with that before. Mine seems to be passed up a lot despite how much effort I put into them. I'll try your suggestion.
  19. LibertyLinks

    Video Review Some Advice of DaVinci Resolve 18 Audio Levels

    User name: LibertyLinks Title of thread: Some Advice of DaVinci Resolve 18 Audio Levels Self review: I've done a couple of these type videos where there is a voiceover. The lady on Fiverr did a great job with it. I'm concerned that the audio level on this wasn't right. I could even do a...
  20. LibertyLinks

    YouTube SEO YouTube SEO Update

    I humbly admit I'm probably in the latter category.