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  1. Stanley | Team TB

    Need Advice Brand LOGO. To change or Not to change? That is the question.

    I like the first option myself, with the red or brown alternates being my second choice. And I don't see anything 'outdated' or 'unprofessional' about it at all... you are an outdoors channel and the intention is to look 'rustic.' I think you nailed that and in the case of the first logo...
  2. Stanley | Team TB


    Yeah, that happens... though it is exceptionally rare. It's an expensive way to take down a channel and in the end it really isn't going to shut down the channel, not if the owner responds promptly to YouTube and lets them know what's going on. Plus they end up with high vanity metrics; not...
  3. Stanley | Team TB

    Answered Customer service...

    They are seeing a spike in tickets at the moment but they answer all emails, you will get a response as quickly as possible but right now they are seeing a delay of about 4 days.
  4. Stanley | Team TB


    This does look suspicious. That is a lot of bot accounts... kinda looks like you bought subs or someone spam-purchased subs for your account. See how rhythmic the cycle is? You gain 150 then immediately lose 160, gain 80 lose 70. There is a net gain of 9 subs over the course of the month...
  5. Stanley | Team TB

    Answered Changing linked account on tubebuddy

    Please send an email to support@tubebuddy.com for assistance
  6. Stanley | Team TB

    Need Advice YouTube shorts end screen and cards

    Thank you for your inquiry related to our bulk-editing features. Unfortunately, there have been some changes to our system (and some industry changes in general) that are going to prevent us from continuing to providing these card and end-screen related features. We are doing everything possible...
  7. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Opinion Did you get the YouTube TV "Multiview" offer?

    Oh wow, that's cool. I would love to have that feature for fishing channels lol. Looks cool!
  8. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question Hey, have you ever thought about distributing your YouTube content to Chinese platforms?

    Not sure why it is specific to Chinese platforms... but why not just use YouTube translation features to target Chinese audiences? There may be copyright/licensing issues for videos that are published to YouTube and then repurposed to other platforms. YouTube doesn't really do much about that...
  9. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question what is your average shorts view?

    I don't think there is such a thing as an 'Average Shorts View...' those things are so random and sporadic I would not trust a metric like that at all. Some pop, some don't and the variables that cause these spikes and valleys are largely out of your control. It involves the amount of videos...
  10. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question Auto Captions or create your own?

    Adding those 'burned in' captions in your video does help... there is a reason Mr. Beast does it. But despite that it also helps to actually edit the auto-captions that YouTube provides for your videos. Doing so allows you to translate the captions so that viewers can view your content in...
  11. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Opinion How SEO Affects Your Video/Channel Performance

    It is hard to get a bead on what YouTube's actual process is. The series of algorithms that they use are so complex that each piece of the process is managed by a different department. There isn't a human being who understands the collective 'Algorithm' in its entirety. That aside videos do...
  12. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Opinion How SEO Affects Your Video/Channel Performance

    YouTube uses a lot of different variables when determining who your video needs to be served to. Most of them largely out of our control; the majority of things YouTube uses to determine the appropriate audience for your video are based on viewer habits. However, they do give you the option of...
  13. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Opinion Why I Never Share Videos on New Channels

    I agree with this as well. But not just for small channels; the purpose of social media is to interact and engage with the audience members who desire another level of your content and who you are. The intention of social media is not exposure.
  14. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube News I hate to say "I Told you So", but oh well, "I DID!"

    I have to disagree with this one. Granted, there is a reduction in views of long-form content but that isn't YouTube's fault; that is what people want. People chose to watch Tik Tok and swamp that platform with viewership and YouTube only provided another outlet for this type of content on...
  15. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    Ooooh... man I don't see that as 'plodding along' at all. Take a step back and think about that for a second; 20,000 views. Twenty... thousand... views. Those are for-real numbers and something to be proud of. And the fact that you did this with only 150 subs means that you have reach and...
  16. Stanley | Team TB

    Answered License Change?

    Sorry for the confusion here guys... don't panic yet! TubeBuddy is testing out different licensing options to see how users respond to there being less possible license options and the pricing for these. You will see them test a lot of different features, verbage and options on the site in...
  17. Stanley | Team TB

    Question Where is Spain on list of countries?

    I am afraid you are going to need to get in touch with our crew at support@tubebuddy.com again for troubleshooting for this issue; we do not have the resources here to assist.
  18. Stanley | Team TB

    Question Problèmes jalons

    If this is a milestone you hit more than 30 days ago, our app only picks up milestones you've hit in the last 30 days. In the future we do plan to support milestones older than 30 days, we just haven't added that functionality yet. So you won't be able to get this milestone. If you are only...
  19. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question How long does it take YouTube to recognize changed meta data?

    YouTube recognizes it immediately... but it can take 72 hours (or more) for them to have an introductory understanding of the demographics these changes target. They will actually experiment with the viewing demographics for your video for up to a year (or more?).