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    YouTube Help Not getting any views

    Just my potentially worthless opinion.... 1) Remove any videos not related to your current target of Q2 gaming. (Baby vids, truck sim, PS4 games, etc) 2) If you're re-using content (trailers, game play, etc) Youtube knows this and could be limiting your reach. 3) " WELCOME TO THE VR-KING...
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    YouTube Opinion Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around.

    It's kind of hard to ignore when the latest subject in the YouTube Discussions forum says OMG! It's Déjà vu! Will YouTube be gone one day TOO! You just make it sound like everyone on the forum (and all employees at TubeBuddy) are stupid idiots and it's your job to make us feel that way for...
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    YouTube Opinion Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around.

    I honestly don't know why you continue to post on this forum. You're basically telling everyone to stop paying for TubeBuddy and stop using YouTube. Surely you can find another more suitable forum to post your YouTube negativity, how about a forum for that amazing new greener pasture you now put...
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    YouTube Question what is your average shorts view?

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing! From just his shorts.... 11m views / 13k subs = 1 sub for every 846 views. Very high! This is the pattern I'm seeing as well, shorts = more views but a higher view>sub ratio, long form less views but a more targeted user resulting in a lower view>sub ratio...
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    YouTube Question what is your average shorts view?

    No prob. :) It's based on the info publicly displayed on a channel, the number of subs and views. Views are found in the "About" section. The end result is not 100% accurate because it's typically not up to date with the exact latest figures. So we just... "total views / subs = subs per view"...
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    YouTube Question what is your average shorts view?

    Just a heads up, congrats on growing your channel btw, seems to be doing well! But... I wanted to make you aware that your views to subs ratio is extremely high, it's taking over 800 views to get 1 sub. That's the highest I've ever seen the past 6 months learning YouTube. What this probably...
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    TubeBuddy How long does it takes you reach 1000 subs?

    If you don't mind, what are you using to advertise your channel? I would love more details including pricing, results, etc, etc. Thank you!
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    YouTube Help Does the google update affect the algorithm on youtube?

    I doubt it, it's probably just typical shorts rollercoaster performance. I've had shorts with only a few views as well. But.... even though in the past I've been a big supporter of shorts, I'm starting to think for channels that will never be monetized from shorts (10 million views in the last...
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    TubeBuddy Best practice to increase traffic in my channel

    " I am using it for 3 days now........ it is not getting me to the top of the suggested video on youtube" It might... take longer than 3 days.
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    YouTube Question Almost certainly Shorts killed our channel! Need help please

    Your Instagram and TikTok sites are indeed doing much better than your YT channel. hmm... I stand corrected in my earlier response. You're only 5 months in on YouTube so you're still very new, but your views to sub ratio is awesome, you're getting a new sub for every 61 views. I'm sure YouTube's...
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    YouTube SEO SEO impact of Community tab posts?

    So I'm noticing community posts in my feed from channels that I do not subscribe to but are related to content that I view. This is good news for obvious reasons. :)
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    Is that actually a thing in the YouTube content creator world? To purposely buy subs and try to get the channel taken down? Scary if it is....
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    YouTube Question Almost certainly Shorts killed our channel! Need help please

    Something tells me if your "other social media videos" are getting millions of views, you wouldn't be here complaining about anything. And a new 3 month old channel getting 10k+ per video? Sure it happens but that's an even greater reason for views to be all over the place, you're a new channel...
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    YouTube Help Help

    Yah, it can be a bit crazy to understand, generally speaking if you're getting views but not subs, then the content itself is to blame. Check your viewer retention and see how long they are watching your videos.
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    YouTube Help Help

    Hard to tell, your views to sub ratio is very high, which is not good. Looking over your channel it looks like you changed your focus to food only so you may want to remove those videos that are not about.....food.
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    Instagram Instagram and TikTok for YouTube Shorts?

    If your goal is monetization from long form videos is it better to have the content available on just one social media site or have the same content on all of the social media sites? Some people think it divides your audience too much, especially if you're a niche channel which could result in...
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    YouTube SEO YouTube Video channel clicks collapsed, channel is generally doing poorly despite good videos. Why?

    Not much data to go on since you only have 10 videos in 6 months (or 2 years since the channel was made), broad focused channels typically grow much slower, and even though you don't have any copyright strikes, it wouldn't surprise me if the YT AI knows your content is not original so it's not...
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    YouTube Question Where did this third party link come from?

    yah, I saw that, and depending on what you read (and believe)... because it's not original content, YouTube may be throttling your views. But that's why I suggested an 80s merch store, not to get any more views or subs, but to take advantage of the existing subscriber base.
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    Instagram Instagram and TikTok for YouTube Shorts?

    Seems like most successful influencers stick with one social media site, at least at first while the channel is growing so they can ride any wave of momentum, virality, etc, that helps the channel grow. The debate is... if you're going to get 100k views would you want 25k per channel or just...
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    Video Research I made this mistake on YouTube… Don’t repeat it.

    The only way I could see that potentially causing any concern is if you watched it 20 times right after the video is made public. They're talking about artificial views from bots, paid for views, etc. There are paid services with 1000s of gmail accounts and for X amount of money you can pay...