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  1. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Help Regarding YouTube Shorts

    In addition to the other suggestions, you could potentially use shorts as a way to explore other quick content you might not otherwise. My plan is to do a short every day in November to update my channel on my NaNoWriMo progress. I also hope to do Vlogmas with Shorts. I think I'm just excited to...
  2. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Help Youtube Shorts

    Since it's not officially out for any countries except India, I think the vertical orientation and #shorts tag are required, otherwise YouTube is going to treat it like a regular video and it doesn't stand a chance to get picked for the Shorts "shelf".
  3. Growing Up Walls

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Managed to record, edit, and publish in just a couple hours. Kind of unheard of for me, but also necessary. View: https://youtu.be/X05t5wfL57Q
  4. Growing Up Walls

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    I'm excited about my newest video (and my rebranding!). View: https://youtu.be/0R7bgXlV53g
  5. Growing Up Walls

    Life Christmas Plans

    We usually go over to my parents for holidays, but my father is immunocompromised so that's out of the picture for all of us to meet. I think we'll try to do a video chat or Zoom call at the least. Different, yes, but thanks to technology, it won't be completely isolating.
  6. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Question How do I start getting views and subscribers?

    Since everyone has covered the things I would suggest, I'm going to add - don't forget to have fun! I'm noticing with my videos that they come out so much better when I'm engaged with the content and excited to make the video. Best of luck!
  7. Growing Up Walls

    Vlog Channel Simple.and creative

    Welcome to the forums and to the community! I do hope you meet all your channel goals, and that the people in the forums here are helpful on your way!
  8. Growing Up Walls

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Well, this is significantly shorter than the last post I made. This time, I get into Real Mail as self care, and how to write thank you notes, and letters, and holiday letter advice. Because I really, really like mail. :) View: https://youtu.be/BEihV9ijstY
  9. Growing Up Walls

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    This is by far my shortest video at less than three minutes, but it kind of feels the most like me. And I mostly made it to insert in the cards in future videos that I feel need this disclaimer. :) View: https://youtu.be/Of3D0v-V_l0
  10. Growing Up Walls

    Gear Advice Cloud storage

    That is absolute music to my ears! But I'll check out the walkthroughs, because usually I can do okay with those. Thanks!
  11. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Question How long did it take you to find your voice?

    I was wondering, for those who are feeling established on YouTube, how long did it take you to find your voice/style? I've been awkwardly making videos for a few months now, and I just posted the first video where I felt like more of my real personality actually shone through. I haven't quite...
  12. Growing Up Walls

    Gear Advice Cloud storage

    That sounds fascinating. Are there services that set everything up for you? Because I'm terribly afraid there's going to be more involved than "throw it on your network", especially for occasionally technically impaired people like me. :joy:
  13. Growing Up Walls

    Affiliate Question How can I be an affiliate?

    I'm not certain this will answer your question, but the Affiliate Dashboard is seen after you log into the TubeBuddy site.
  14. Growing Up Walls

    Entertainment Channel I love to edit pictures and videos. And also love challenges.

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you find a ton of helpful information here like I have, and best of luck with your channel goals!! :heart:
  15. Growing Up Walls

    Camera Gear THE BEST cameras for vloggers

    I had never considered GoPro a legit option before (then again, I'm very new to the game). Do you perhaps have any video recommendations on that topic? I can of course search for my own (and I will) but if you knew of a good resource I'd appreciate any suggestions. :)
  16. Growing Up Walls

    Lifestyle Channel Come see what the Iowa outdoors has to offer!

    Greetings and salutations, fellow Iowan! Although I don't live there anymore, you really just can't wash it out. o_O Best of luck with your channel goals, and welcome to the community! :heart::heart:
  17. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Question what's everyone's biggest headache on Youtube?

    I'm tied between not having enough audience to really get value from my analytics yet, and editing - I'm struggling to find the right program (DaVinci Resolve looks like it might not be a good fit) and how to use my computer to its best advantage (there's a SSD and a HD, and everything seems so...
  18. Growing Up Walls

    YouTube Question To unlist – or not to unlist – that is my question!

    Do you like the videos that aren't getting a lot of views? If you like them, I'd keep them. You mentioned that the less popular videos tend to be a style you were hoping to do more of. Does that mean you'll be moving away from the current videos that are getting more views on your channel? Or...
  19. Growing Up Walls

    Vlog Channel Myfamilyandi

    Welcome to the forums! A video journal sounds lovely to look back on someday. I hope you all the best memories along your journey! :)
  20. Growing Up Walls

    Community Channel Cooking channel by Mostly Eating Recipes

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy the forums here, and meet all your channel goals! :D