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  1. Spice

    Channel Review Would love some feedback on my channel

    Hi, thanks for the kind words. I'm using the PS5 to record, edit and upload directly to YouTube.
  2. Spice

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    Its the Tubebuddy SEO score. I've checked videos from over a month ago and still showing a red cross. Very strange!
  3. Spice

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    Hmmm, that is wierd.
  4. Spice

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    Hi, here's a random one, thanks for the help. I take a screenshot shot from the game using the ps5 which then sends the image PS App on my phone.
  5. Spice

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    I've always used Canva to create my thumbnails which I've always seen as one of the best options to do this. Always suggested in most forums and discussions. But just noticed as I'm paying more attention to my SEO score lately that the High Res Thumbnail option has a red cross on all my videos...
  6. Spice

    Channel Milestone Subscriber & Views Milestones!

    6.7k views and 21 Subs in the last 28 days. Definitely the motivation needed to keep going. :laughing:
  7. Spice

    Gaming Channel Hey Everyone! Looking forward to explore this forum

    Just updated my Banner & Logo :)
  8. Spice

    Vlog Channel @erasmusfamily01

    Thumbnails are really good. Very colourful and eye catching. Just noticed that you do not have any End Cards to encourage Subscribing and advertising other videos. Would defiantly suggest going through your videos and adding them in. Its pretty straight forward.
  9. Spice

    YouTube Question Thumbnail upload on old videos

    You can definitely change the thumbnails on older videos. I've done it before where I've realised that the thumbnails on my earlier videos where poor so updated them all. The only real potential effect is that if the thumbnails are better, then the more chance of someone clicking on it.
  10. Spice

    YouTube Tips Are Shorts a Channel Killer?

    Yeah that's what I am trying. Posting my main long video and taking a snippet from it to post as a short to advertise it. The shorts generate alot of views.
  11. Spice

    Channel Review Would love some feedback on my channel

    Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated. I'm getting a new headset with mic to get back talking on my videos. Current set aren't compatible with the ps5. My click through rate is 4.3%
  12. Spice

    TubeBuddy Tips Tags and description for YouTube shorts

    Yeah I find that frustrating. I tend to put 2 hashtags in the title and then when I'm in work add Tags from my PC.
  13. Spice

    TubeBuddy What is a Youtuber?

    Suppose if you want to label yourself as one really. I've never called myself a Youtuber as it's a hobby, but that's just me.
  14. Spice

    YouTube Help A company has been using my video to sell a product on their site

    If nothing, it's a huge compliment that they choose your video. Noticed an increase on this video compared to the others?
  15. Spice

    YouTube Question How many subs do you think you can get by 2023

    Just hoping for steady growth this year. Regular posting hopefully = regular views and subs
  16. Spice

    Need Advice Video vs Best For Viewer

    I always use Best for User and a Subscribe Logo. Is there data that shows the click rate from the end screens then? Don't recall ever seeing this.
  17. Spice

    Channel Milestone 9,000 Views Milestone

    Seen a nice spike in views in January. Might have something to do with posting more regularly lol. Here's hoping the Subs will increase shortly.
  18. Spice

    Channel Review Would love some feedback on my channel

    User name: Spice Title of thread: Would love some feedback on my channel Self review: Hi, been doing my gaming channel for a few years now. Saw my subs increasing slowly but steadily and then once I hit the 60 to 70 odd number completely stalled. Channel review or Video review? Channel review...
  19. Spice

    TubeBuddy how many times you post per week?

    Was always 1 long a week. Now I'll post a couple of longs a week by game title. So could post 3 longs in a week but 1 per game title and however many decent shorts come out of the videos.