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  1. automata

    Business Channel Welcome to automata's YouTube channel

    Hi AurigaDave, Thank you very much for your feedback. We do have a schedule and the aim is to be posting two videos a week on average (one event video and one vlog). However due to the current circumstances around the globe, we are very limited in what we can go and shoot as well as the people...
  2. automata

    Channel Review General Gaming Channel Feedback

    Hiya, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on a really good start to your YouTube journey. If you consider how many millions of videos are out there that you have to compete with, then having 50+ subs and around 50 views per video in your first month of having a channel, is actually a...
  3. automata

    Let's make a chain story

    French! And we all know what that usually...
  4. automata

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  5. automata

    Subscriber Milestone 100 Subscribers

    Congratulations.... might seem small to some, but getting your first 100 must feel amazing (we are just shy off that magic 100 as well)! Keep it up and the next 100 will come in no time. :)
  6. automata

    Editing Software Overlay Text

    I would most certainly think that this is done in Final Cut or Premier (or some other video editing software). Our editors managed to achieve similar effects in a few of our videos and they are using Premier Pro. Hope that helps!
  7. automata

    Need Advice first 100 vids or first 100 subs

    From what I have read, YouTube will recommend your videos based on a few factors: Engagement - Since content can't be viewed and deemed as good or bad by AI, they deem a video to be successful based on the engagement it receives. Length of video - The longer you keep viewers on your videos, the...
  8. automata

    Video Review What am I doing right & wrong here?

    Your content is really good and on par with what your main competition has out there. The fact that you have the live waterfalls with the sound of those trickling through as well, kind of makes it stand out and in my personal opinion also makes it that little bit better than just 2hrs of music...
  9. automata

    Channel Review Ideas on improving channel

    I would like to touch upon a few things that were mentioned already to hopefully emphasise the importance of those: - Thumbnails: While they tell a short story of what the video will be all about, they do seem to lack some essential information. Might be worth adding text to all your thumbnails...
  10. automata

    Business Channel Welcome to automata's YouTube channel

    User name: automata Title of introduction: Welcome to automata's YouTube channel Your name/ Alias: automata Where are you from? London, UK How did you find TubeBuddy? We first tried out VidIQ before switching over to Tubebuddy - seems to be the main competitor What made you join the...