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Search results

  1. Dino93

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krH_s4TXv9k&pp=sAQA By far, my funniest video! I'd appreciate everyone having a look at it (and sub if you like it). Cheers!
  2. Dino93

    Subscriber Milestone 250 subs (1/4 of the way to my target)

    Hopefully :D I've gotten an lot of good insight and tips recently, so fingers crossed!
  3. Dino93

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    I'm the same, spent a good but of money getting a really good gaming pc, pc accessories and then I invested in a new phone that can record in 4k with a 108MP camera :scream:
  4. Dino93

    Subscriber Milestone 250 subs (1/4 of the way to my target)

    In the last month, I gained 150 subs :scream: I'm now 1/4 of the way to my 1000 subs goal! Hopefully I can do it by the end of the year :D
  5. Dino93

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My best video to date! View: https://youtu.be/F5gJ_l5ogTw
  6. Dino93

    Editing Software Switching editing software

    Appreciate it! It's only recently it's starting to give me trouble. That would make a lot of sense and I usually make sure that i've enough space freed up
  7. Dino93

    My best videos; CS:GO, Irish Guy Reacts & Tips for new Youtubers

    Hey everyone, I'm Dino and I post gaming, reactions and tips for new youtubers videos. These are some of my most popular videos. I'd love you all to check them out and if you've any feedback, to let me know. Enjoy :D View: https://youtu.be/lKLGlDOtG_8 View: https://youtu.be/b78I_AfrS7g...
  8. Dino93

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://youtu.be/RsoIuQkGR5E My and my buddy did a challenge and this is me reacting to the forfeit
  9. Dino93

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    I don't seem to have the badge, so i'm doing this again :D
  10. Dino93

    Channel Review General advice on improving my channel

    I think overall your channel is really good! I like that you've made compilations for the majority of basketball greats. If you're looking to increase views and viewership, I'd recommend maybe adding in some commentary about the latest basketball news. Maybe do some stuff on the 2021 draft...
  11. Dino93

    Editing Software Switching editing software

    Hi guys. I've been using DaVinci 16 for the last 5 months. I loved it because I knew all the ins and outs of it. But yesterday it refused to render a video for me and after resetting it and trying everything on my pc, I'm done with it and now I'm looking for something else. I've tried filmora...
  12. Dino93

    Audio Gear Microphone?

    I got the Toner Q9 a few months ago with the stand & all the gear for €70. I would check it out if you're looking for a new mic.
  13. Dino93

    Life Have you learnt any new skills during the lockdown ?

    Does learning how to make & edit videos and photos count :D I used lockdown as a way to start YouTube & do something I always wanted to do. I've never been so thankful for tutorials though!
  14. Dino93

    Channel Milestone Nine Thousands Views In My Channel

    Growth is a very positive thing! Congrats on 9k views!
  15. Dino93

    Channel Milestone 850 SUBSCRIBERS and 175K VIEWS!!! WOW!

    Congrats on the milestones! Can only image what it feels like!
  16. Dino93

    Channel Milestone 20k views & growing

    I woke up yesterday and found out that I had reached 20k views and 220 subs. I'm so close to hitting 230 and I gained 130 subs in 3 weeks. Love that my channel is growing really fast!
  17. Dino93

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail

    I'll add that you could try using photopea.com It's the exact same as photoshop, but free. I'd recommend it, because they also have a number of templates for thumbnails, channel banners and logos/
  18. Dino93

    Subscriber Milestone every steps count, 100 subscriber :)

    Congrats! I don't know what your ultimate goal is, but you're now 1/10 of the way to 1k!
  19. Dino93

    Subscriber Milestone 10 Subs and Feeling Like A Boss

    Congrats! You've started now, and it's exciting when you see yourself growing!