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  1. LisaMBM

    Answered SEO loading issue

    I'm having the same difficulty. Plus, the update button is missing.
  2. LisaMBM

    Channel Milestone Woot! Achieved 100 subscribers!!

    I haven't uploaded a video in two weeks and still managed to collect the last 5 to reach 100. Wow.
  3. LisaMBM

    YouTube Question Number of people waiting for LIVE event

    Thank you @Andrew and @Stanley Orchard. So helpful!!
  4. LisaMBM

    YouTube Question Number of people waiting for LIVE event

    For the very first time, I scheduled a LIVE event for this Saturday. Once I created it, I could see that a number of people were 'waiting.' This waiting number is positioned beneath the title. At first the number was 3 and now it's down to 1. Granted, it's a few days away. But I was curious...
  5. LisaMBM

    Answered How can you divide a YouTube video into sections

    I did the same! So much fun.
  6. LisaMBM

    Answered How can you divide a YouTube video into sections

    I've got it! I have few subscribers and a young channel. So, me thinks if I can get it, anyone can.
  7. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback How is my Thumbnail

    MUCH better!! I like the white text against the orange -very strong contrast - and this is what you want. Try to enlarge the text as humanly possible. Reduce the opacity of the black clock dial lines that surround the text (the text is your hero) Maybe convert them to a darker orange. Now...
  8. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think of this thumbnail?

    Good start. I used to craft leather myself. I'd suggest beginning your text with an active verb, "Craft a Wallet" If you want to include the word Easy, place it on its own line. Now! Having said that, It looks to me that you could create a series called, "Easy to Craft". If you considered doing...
  9. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback How is my Thumbnail

    You bet! Feel free to upload another image if you can. I don't get a chance to swing by often so be sure to tag me.
  10. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback How is my Thumbnail

    Hey Calif- What I usually do to test my thumbnails is to reduce them down to the actual size. I check to see if I can read the text and understand the composition. Typically, in a composition, you want to use the power of 3: Three elements that are different and complement each other. A strong...
  11. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    Of course and I understand Value Proposition. What I was trying to do was gauge YouTube's platform and audience engagement when it comes to banner design. While I was gathering banners from successful YouTubers, I discovered a variety of USPs --some brief, some very tactical-- and was trying to...
  12. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    I know USP as Unique Sale Position. How are you using it? TIA
  13. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    Thanks! All great questions. Because I have experience in many areas of customer experience (including UI/UX) customer service (sales-before, during, after purchase), and marketing, it boils down to a wholistic, immersive customer experience. If I rewrote the tagline to read something like...
  14. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback. I agree with promoting the post schedule - I'm still working on the regularity of my posts. Once I get that nailed down, I'll define and showcase it.
  15. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    Thanks so much! I appreciate the feedback. I, too, have my doubts about extraordinary. I like where you're going with effective and powerful -although effective seems like its becoming clitche.
  16. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback My latest thumbnails

    I feel like you've got a lot going on and it's tough for me to focus. When I compose a layout, I separate my grid into 3 distinct sections. Think of your layout like a band: You have the soloist (takes front and center) and the backup singers (supporting element), and the song title. I decide...
  17. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Are you compelled by my banner?

    Is this headline too brief? Does this compel you to learn more? Other? TIA!
  18. LisaMBM

    Channel Banner Feedback Can you tell what my channel is about?

    I agree with much of what @RazzBarlow stated. I've been deconstructing some of the big players in my field and I notice that most of them do not add their name to the title -if they do, it's small. I would make the USP bigger so that your customers are compelled within the first 3 seconds of...
  19. LisaMBM

    Thumbnail Feedback Youtube Banner

    What I've learned recently is that after you use the template to insert your words and imagery, you'll have to adjust the cropping as you upload. For instance, convert your header as a *.jpg, upload from hard drive, then Adjust the crop to fit all 3 devices as shown in the device preview...
  20. LisaMBM

    Business Channel Looking to Collab with Entrepreneur in any Niche for Interview

    Hi Jacob- You can reach me Hello@YourInventorMentor.com PS. I was just on a mini vacay. Sorry for the delay. Thanks so much! Cheers, Lisa